Home Depot Welcomes Adorable New Team Member

The story tells of a remarkable dog named Heaven who underwent an incredible transformation from being the saddest and most fearful canine to the happiest one. After being rescued from an animal refuge in the Kentucky River area, Heaven was initially a timid little pooch. However, her story is extraordinary, and we are delighted to share it. Currently, she works as a Home Depot employee and is considered one of the most attractive ones worldwide.

Jackie Rockers shared with The Dodo how she came to adopt Heaven and how their visits to Home Depot helped the once terrified puppy become a happy and contented young lady. Their trips to Home Depot were initially meant to help Heaven cope with her fears, and they started with short five-minute runs during which she received lots of treats because she was scared of unfamiliar places and sounds. However, as time went by, they began to stay longer and gradually exposed her to more store items.

When visiting Home Depot, dogs can discover a whole range of fascinating things to explore. It seems that Heᶏven, in particular, found these excursions to be an excellent opportunity for practicing her social skills and becoming more confident. At Home Depot, Heᶏven could truly break out of her shell and embrace all the new sights and sounds around her.

Heaven was given her own apron because she behaved exceptionally well during her visits to the home department. To always be prepared, Rakers keeps the apron in the car. As soon as they approach the parking lot, Heaven starts to tremble, but when Rakers puts the apron on her, she is ready to “work.” Rakers noted that Heaven walks around confidently as if she owns the place.

When you think of Home Depot, you can’t help but think of Heᶏven. The staff members at Home Depot are always excited to see her walk through the doors. In fact, they have a picture of her prominently displayed in the employee break room and everyone knows her name.

One of the unique features of Home Depot is their section dedicated to paradise, and Heᶏven is the perfect ambassador for it. She always chooses individuals who could use a little pick-me-up to be the focus of her attention while she shops. It’s important to her to meet new people and make their day a little brighter.

Heaven takes pleasure in witnessing people smile. Often, those who require a reason to grin, burst into laughter or just need their hearts to be filled with warmth are found in Heaven. Rakers mentioned that Heaven carries out her own tasks and then insists on meeting someone. She sits with them and gazes at them intently. They often express how much they needed the emotional boost. It’s like she already knows who needs to hear it on that particular day, and Home Depot is one of her favorite places to do it! Furthermore, Rakers added that Heaven used to be very unhappy, which is why she seeks to make other people happy. Rakers said that Heaven was afraid of everything, but with practice and patience, she learned to trust and now she repays it. She makes an extra effort to find those in need and gives them a smile and a hug.

Observing the transformation of an animal from being fearful and hopeless to joyful and energetic is the most gratifying aspect of saving them. The satisfaction that one derives from their efforts is immeasurable. Jackie Rakers can attest to this because her pet dog, Heaven, underwent a similar experience. According to Rakers, Heaven is a perfect example of what happens when one accepts and loves someone unconditionally. She went from being scared and dejected to becoming the happiest dog. It is no wonder that everyone loves Heaven. She has a well-liked Instagram account, with more than 8,000 followers, where her adventures are recorded under the handle “Heaven Is A Dog.”

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