Homeless Kitten Discovers Love and Happiness with Caring Couple in Abandoned House

A tiny kitty was abandoned by his mother in a house, but fortunately, he found a new family who has taken him under their wing to raise him and give him some much-needed companionship.

Earlier in the year, Danielle Chavez, who is the founder of With Grace, a rescue group in Las Vegas, received a call regarding a litter of kittens that were born in a house being renovated in Arizona. The kittens had been abandoned by their mother, a feral cat who had sneaked into the house to give birth. Despite staff members reaching out to the clinic where With Grace frequently uses for fosters, the mother never returned to her kittens. This prompted Danielle to step in and help.

The feline family was brought over from Arizona to Las Vegas by the homeowner and we were there to meet them. After a quick transfer, we brought them to our home where we had an incubator all set up and ready for them. The kittens were tiny, weighing a mere 60 grams each. We did everything we could to save all of them, but unfortunately two of the kittens were too weak and didn’t make it. However, Michael, the remaining kitten, fought hard to stay alive and eagerly took to the bottle, consuming as much as he could to build up his strength.

Danielle shared with Love Meow that, as a helicopter foster parent for a few days, she observed that the little one had a strong spirit and would make it through. She felt confident in his ability to survive. He quickly took to the bottle and never looked back as he began to blossom under her care. Meanwhile, another rescue group, Feral Cat Warriors in Arizona, stepped forward to offer assistance by TNR-ing the cat colony where the kittens were found. This move not only protected the feline mother but also ensured that she would receive proper medical attention. Danielle emphasized that completing the rescue cycle was crucial to providing comprehensive care for cats in need.

Danielle and her spouse collaborated to take care of the kitten, ensuring that all of its requirements were met. Danielle stayed up late to feed the kitten with a bottle, while her husband woke up early before work to give it food. As a result, both of them had a decent slumber, and the little kitten was fed properly.

As soon as Michael was able to move around freely in his own playpen, he became more adventurous and playful. He loves to stick close to his foster parents and isn’t shy about asking for what he wants. His foster parent affectionately calls him her “little Velcro buddy” because he constantly wants to be with them.

“Danielle shared with Love Meow that we brought him to our living room and placed him in a playpen to familiarize him with our cats. He is gradually adapting to their behavior, and he recently learned how to crab-walk. We are delighted that he is on his way to mastering the wiggle butt and ambush attack move.”

Michael has transformed into an energetic young cat who loves cuddling with his foster dad and kneading his neck while rubbing his face against his beard. He gets along nicely with the other cats in the house and has even picked up a few tips on how to be a proper feline from them.
Seeing Michael’s adorable antics is a real treat for his foster dad, who can’t help but notice how quickly Michael is becoming more confident in himself. It won’t be long before he’s the one leading the charge and racing around the house with the other kitties.

Michael, a cute little kitten, is just shy of seven weeks old and will soon be available for adoption. He’s got an adorable personality that makes him an ideal companion for anyone. When he’s tired from playing, he’ll run over to his foster parents and show his affection by kneading on their lap, chest, or neck while purring away.

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