How a Pit Bull’s Persuasion Led This Mom to Adopt Their Foster Kitten

Meet Sterling, a pit bull who has had a rough start in life. At just four weeks old, he was already a victim of abuse from his previous owners. This caused him to be underweight, timid, and fearful of adults. But everything changed when Bethany Leigh stepped in and rescued him. As Sterling’s new mom, she knew that he needed all the love and attention he could get to rebuild his trust in humans. With her help, Sterling blossomed into a loving and confident dog that anyone would be lucky to have.

When Bethany Leigh first came across Sterling, she couldn’t believe how tiny he was. She had to bottle-feed him often because of his size. Sterling had scars on his chest and legs that were quite noticeable. However, with Leigh’s hard work, affection, and guidance, Sterling transformed into an affectionate and gentle creature.

Leigh has a heart full of love for animals, which is why she goes out of her way to help them. She fosters these creatures in her own home until they can find their forever homes. Sterling, her son, seems to have inherited his mother’s passion for animals as well. He actively participates in taking care of the various animals that reside with them, effectively becoming their foster brother. Sterling takes on a crucial role in Leigh’s work, particularly when it comes to fostering kittens. He forms an endearing bond with each one, making him the best foster brother a little kitten could ask for.

Leigh stumbled upon a small kitten in a McDonald’s parking lot and decided to bring it home. Sterling, the dog, immediately took a liking to the kitten and they formed a close bond. Initially, the kitten, later named Lux, was scared and shy around Sterling, but with Sterling’s help, Lux became more confident and affectionate. The two became inseparable and spent all their time together, with Sterling taking on the role of a protective big brother.

Leigh shared that whenever she allows Lux to roam around the backyard, she makes sure to keep an eye on him. If he wanders too far or tries to climb up a tree, she calls out to Sterling to get his feline friend. Sterling obediently goes to fetch Lux, and the two of them cuddle and snooze together. They also enjoy playing with balls and toys in the backyard, which is their favorite spot to hang out and have fun.

Lux became close with Leigh’s 2-year-old daughter, who was also Sterling’s best friend. They spent their days playing and enjoying each other’s company. Nonetheless, the time had come for Lux to discover a permanent residence, and the thought of parting ways with her was difficult to fathom.

Stering was reluctant to part ways with Lux, therefore he persuaded Leigh to take the adorable kitten in as her own. Leigh eventually came to understand the importance of their bond and couldn’t bear to give Lux away to anyone else. Consequently, Lux was officially adopted by Leigh, and the two are overjoyed about their new status as companions.

It brings us great joy to witness the happiness of Sterling and Lux in their caring residence. Their bond as companions is bound to last a lifetime.

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