How Adopting a Cat Brought Happiness to One Couple’s Home

Kitten Snuck into Couple's Life When They Weren't Looking and Didn't Know They Needed Her

Out of nowhere, a delightful little feline entered the world of a couple who were unaware that they craved her adorable companionship.

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At the Front Street Shelter, a darling little kitty was brought in after losing her mother. The kitten needed a bottle feeder and luckily, Haley Waugh, an employee at the shelter, was there to help. Haley was going through a difficult time herself, having recently lost two special needs animals she had been caring for. One day, a co-worker handed her the tiny kitten and she couldn’t resist picking her up. The sight of the sweet feline moved her and she cradled her in her arms. Haley gently placed the delicate kitten in the front pocket of her overalls and the kitten snuggled in comfortably without any protest.

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As Haley Waugh laid her eyes on the tiny and charming kitten named Lavender, she felt an immediate sense of happiness and solace. The sight of this cute feline was so overwhelming that it almost left her speechless. Without any hesitation, she decided to take Lavender home with her to offer foster care. Lavender was found alone in a backyard as a newborn and had no family or relatives to look after her. Despite being so small, Lavender showcased a remarkable amount of energy and character.

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At first, the kitty would get upset and aggressive whenever it encountered unfamiliar smells for a whole day. However, Haley’s loving gestures and the yummy food she provided made a significant change in the cat’s behavior. The grumpy hissing was replaced by adorable meows and little squeaks of affection. Whenever Haley talked, the cat would quickly become interested, shakily approaching her in hopes of getting some more treats to enjoy.

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As soon as Haley Waugh laid her eyes on Lavender, a small and fluffy creature with an insatiable hunger, she was completely smitten by its undeniable charm. Whenever she saw Lavender, she would grab the bottle and feed it until its tummy was full. Haley couldn’t help but observe how Lavender became even fluffier and cuter with every passing day. The little ball of fur’s irresistible charm and adorableness left Haley overwhelmed.

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As time went by, the feline matured and its curiosity and courage grew. Haley and her partner, who took on the role of foster father, were constantly followed around the house by the cat as she explored every corner. The little kitty would frequently roll onto her back, revealing her belly, and playfully stick out her tongue while showing off her small teeth.

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Despite being tiny, Lavender exuded a lively energy that set her apart from her fellow creatures at home. Her endless enthusiasm manifested in her constant darting and bouncing around while simultaneously puffing up her fur. After wearing herself out, Lavender would snuggle up next to one of her feline or canine companions and peacefully knead a cozy blanket or bask in the sun’s rays by the window.

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Haley Waugh came to the realization that her furry friend Lavender had become her new morning alarm clock, as the pet would jump onto her bed and playfully run around to wake her up each day. Haley was amazed by Lavender’s playful energy and wished she could have some of it for herself as well. With the holiday season fast approaching, Lavender was all set to leave the foster program and find a forever home.

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Haley Waugh was thrilled to announce that Lavender had been adopted into their family and was now a beloved member of their household, along with Tortellini the cat. Although they hadn’t planned on getting another pet, they felt a connection with Lavender after going through some tough times. Fortunately, Lavender settled in quickly and has fit right in. Haley believes that it was fate for Lavender to come into their lives at just the right time.

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Lavender is one fortunate furry fellow, residing happily with her humans and a crew of three cat buddies and two dog pals. Her amusing antics never fail to bring joy and laughter to all around her. This delightful household is rounded out by the presence of the charming pup, Pickles.

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