How One Woman Opened Her Home to 80 Senior Dogs and Created a Unique Pet Hospice

Introducing Valerie Reid, a remarkable woman who felt a deep sense of compassion for senior dogs who had no one to care for them. In response, she transformed her own residence into a hospice for these furry friends.


The Whispering Willows senior Dog Sanctuary, a non-profit in Missouri, currently provides care for around 80 dogs simultaneously. The sanctuary was established in 2017 by Valerie, who faced difficulties in finding a suitable residence for her father’s old Doberman.


The lady mentioned that she and her spouse had already reached the maximum number of pets allowed in their locality, so they couldn’t take in a certain animal. They tried searching for rescues that could possibly assist, but none were willing to take her because of her age.


Valeria now provides a home for elderly dogs whose owners have either passed away or moved into a retirement home. These furry friends have spent an extended period of time at shelters and are in need of a loving environment to call their own.


Our furry friends are free to roam around the two buildings where we reside. They are treated as cherished members of our family and accompany us wherever we go.


It’s truly heartwarming to witness the incredible changes that occur in dogs once they feel secure and cared for. One particular dog, who has become a star on Instagram despite having only two legs, recently survived a terrifying car accident during a family vacation. Meanwhile, a devoted mother named Valerie Reid has created a sanctuary for older dogs in her Missouri home, aptly called Whispering Willows. With up to 80 senior dogs under her care at any given time, Valerie is making a huge difference in the lives of these furry friends.


At 44 years old, Valerie Reid couldn’t stand the idea of older dogs spending their last days without companionship. This prompted her to establish Whispering Willows senior Dog Sanctuary, a non-profit organization focused on providing a safe and comfortable space for elderly canines. The sanctuary accepts dogs who have been in a shelter for an extended period, or whose owners have passed away or moved into a retirement home.


According to Valerie, the head of the charitable organization, their dogs are treated as family members and roam freely between the buildings. The ultimate goal of the organization is to assist people in planning for their final moments since no one knows when their time will come. Unfortunately, there is a distressing video of an abused Pit Bull whose mouth is covered with duct tape, causing him to feel frightened and helpless since he cannot call for aid.


Valerie had initially intended to assist those who were facing a predicament similar to that of her dad and could no longer take care of their old dogs. However, upon further investigation, she realized that there were a significant number of dogs out there that needed assistance and were often neglected by rescue organizations. This realization compelled Valerie and Josh to relocate from Kansas City to Hermitage Missouri and create a sanctuary for these abandoned dogs. Their new home spans 3,000 square feet and features a separate 1,700 square foot building exclusively for the dogs.


Valerie is amazed by how her animal sanctuary has grown beyond her expectations. She enjoys the fact that there are a lot of dogs that reciprocate their love towards them. Her ultimate goal is for the dogs in their care to pass away knowing that they were loved and valued. Currently, Valerie has a team of 17 staff who provide round-the-clock care for the 80 dogs at the shelter. It’s incredible to note that they’ve already provided comfort to 790 dogs as they transitioned into their next lives.


The ultimate aim is to make sure that our dear pets depart from this world feeling loved and valued. We embrace them and often share tears together when they pass away because they are a part of our family and we hold them dearly in our hearts. It’s imperative that we prepare for the future, not just for our partners and offspring but also for our precious pets. Although death may seem daunting, it’s actually an honor to age and eventually meet our fate. Check out the video below for more visuals.

We’re doing our best to assist as many elderly dogs as we can, but the sheer number of them and their medical expenses are challenging. Our aim is to spread awareness about the pressing demand for senior dog care and highlight the importance of our sanctuary.

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