How Two Canine Best Friends Keep In Touch Via FaceTime

Two furry pals, Sadie and Rollo, formed an unbreakable bond while in Canada during the pandemic. However, their happy days were short-lived when Rollo’s owner had to move miles away due to work commitments, leaving the dogs feeling lonely without each other. To ease their pain, the dog owners devised an adorable way for the two friends to keep in touch despite the distance between them.

On a weekly basis, the furry friends arrange video calls via FaceTime. The sight of their reactions upon seeing each other is nothing short of heartwarming. During these digital rendezvous, Sadie, a breed of husky and German shepherd, expresses her excitement by howling to Rollo. On the other hand, Rollo, who is of rottweiler and German shepherd descent, cannot contain his excitement and whines back to his beloved friend.

According to Kayla McTeer, the mother of Sadie who is a mixed breed of husky, Sadie rarely howls except for when she is on a FaceTime call with her friend Rollo. On these calls, Sadie enthusiastically throws her head back and howls as if expressing her true feelings. Rollo, who belongs to Caitlin Banks, reacts differently to these calls than Sadie does. He tilts his head and responds by loudly crying and whimpering while showing his excitement to see his friend through the screen, seemingly wanting to climb through it.

The video shows two dogs who unmistakably recognize each other. The dogs seem to yearn for each other’s company and the bond they had shared. Fortunately, their owners have planned a reunion for them, which sounds thrilling. While waiting for the reunion, the pups are content with their weekly FaceTime conversations on Thursdays. It’s inspiring to see how committed the dog owners are in preserving their special friendship. Their relationship is a testimony that long-distance relationships work when both parties are willing to make it work.

The video of the adorable dogs reuniting is definitely worth sharing with others. Their playful and joyous interaction is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face. These furry friends share a unique bond that is truly heartwarming. So go ahead and spread the love by sharing this cute video with your friends and family.

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