Husky Hero: Rescuing Near-Death Kittens and Becoming Their Foster Mom in the Woods

Demonstrating once again why dogs are considered the best companions on Earth, a courageous dog recently saved the lives of seven abandoned kittens and is now acting as their mother. Service dog Banner is a remarkable Husky with a heart of gold. Since she was a young puppy, the 3-year-old dog has provided emotional support to her owner, Whitney Braley, who suffers from a disability. Whitney has trained Banner to assist her with various tasks, making her much more than just a pet. In addition to helping Whitney, Banner also has a passion for rescuing other animals in need. Recently, Banner discovered a box containing seven newborn kittens that had been left in the woods. The kittens were barely a day old and were sealed inside the cardboard box. Without hesitation, Banner began barking and attracting Whitney’s attention. She jumped at her owner, grabbed her clothes, and pulled her towards the cardboard box. Whitney quickly realized that the dog was trying to alert her to something important.



According to the woman, her dog was always obedient and followed her commands until one day when it acted uncontrollably and dragged her towards an unknown direction. As they went deeper into the forest, they stumbled upon a cardboard box that had been carelessly discarded among the trees. Whitney was surprised to find several kittens in the box, but was relieved when her dog picked them up with its mouth and carried them to safety.


A group of seven mute infants were brought to their owner by a dog. The helpless newborns were taken in and provided with warmth and nourishment. Despite their size, which suggested they were only a day old, caring for them proved to be a challenging task for the woman with a disability.


Whitney made a call to the local animal shelter and they happily agreed to adopt and provide care for the cute little cats.


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