Introducing Louis, The Persian Feline With A Moody Personality Taking Over The Internet

Have you heard of the famous Grumpy Cat, who became an internet sensation under the name Tardar Sauce? Unfortunately, the beloved feline passed away last month and is now resting in peace. Nevertheless, her legacy lives on through her family, devoted followers, and a new Grumpy cat called Louis.

Introducing Louis, a Persian cat hailing from Texas who has gained unexpected popularity on Instagram due to his discontented facial expression. Fans on social media have even dubbed him as the “next Grumpy Cat,” although Louis seems to exude more anger than mere grumpiness.

Louis, a purebred Persian cat, often receives inquiries about whether he has a genetic mutation because of his distinct facial features. However, his owner reassures everyone that despite his unique appearance, Louis is perfectly healthy and normal.

Louis, the new grumpy cat on Instagram, has already amassed over 4,000 followers. Despite the original Grumpy Cat having almost 3 million followers, Louis’s perpetually disgruntled expression is winning over fans and may lead to his own internet fame, even if he doesn’t seem too thrilled about it.

Louis has been nicknamed the “new Grumpy Cat,” however, he is actually quite affectionate, cheerful, and energetic. He enjoys cuddling and receiving head scratches, as well as chasing laser lights and playing with toys, according to his owner.

To stay updated on Louis and Monae’s escapades, take a peek at their Instagram profile. Are you of the opinion that Louis is the latest Grumpy Cat? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

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