Introducing Muni: The Cross-Eyed Cat Who Gained Online Fame After Being Left on the Street

Have you ever laid eyes on a feline with crossed eyes? Allow me to introduce you to Muni, a Siamese cat with a unique and unconventional vision that caused her to be abandoned due to her appearance. Luckily, Muni was saved from the streets of Armenia by Ani Hovsepian, who took her in as her own. Muni has since gained internet fame, thanks to the cute videos shared by her owner.

Meet Muni, a cat who entered this world in 2012 and now enjoys a lavish lifestyle. Despite her cross-eyed condition, Muni is able to navigate her surroundings with ease and behaves just like any other feline. The only drawback? Her hunting abilities are somewhat limited due to her visual impairment.

Muni is a pet that craves attention and has become an online sensation. Thanks to the pictures that Ani shared on the internet, Muni has amassed a large following of admirers. Hovsepian decided to create an Instagram page for Muni, which now boasts over 14,500 loyal followers.

If you’re a fan of Muni, then you can stay updated with her adorable pictures by following her on Instagram.

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