“Keeping Canine Connections Strong: How Two Best Friend Dogs Use FaceTime to Stay Connected”

These furry companions became the best of friends during the pandemic, but sadly had to be separated when Rollo’s owner relocated for work. However, their owners didn’t want the distance to come between their friendship and came up with an adorable way to keep them connected. Meet Sadie and Rollo – two canine buddies from Canada who are now miles apart but still stay in touch.

Every week, on Thursdays, two furry buddies connect with each other via FaceTime. Watching their reaction to seeing each other is simply heartwarming. Sadie, the lovable Husky German Shepherd mix, greets her friend Rollo with a soulful howl. In response, Rollo, the charming Rottweiler German Shepherd mix, gets excited and whines sweetly back at her. It’s an endearing sight that can melt anyone’s heart.

According to Sadie’s mom, Kayla McTeer, although Sadie is part husky, she does not howl much. However, during her virtual dates with Rollo on FaceTime, she unleashes her howling skills and puts her heart into it. Rollo, who belongs to Caitlin Banks, responds differently to Sadie’s calls. He prefers to cry and whimper loudly while tilting his head towards Sadie. His excitement to see her is so intense that it seems as if he wants to climb through the screen.

The video shows two dogs who seem to recognize each other and miss the bond they once shared. While their owners are planning a reunion, the dogs settle for weekly FaceTime calls. It’s heartwarming to see their owners committed to nurturing their friendship, proving that long-distance relationships can work for pets too.

The adorable duo of these two dogs is too precious not to share with others. We can only imagine how lively and joyful their reunion must be, complete with lots of playful activities. Their bond is truly unique and heartwarming. We hope you enjoyed watching their cute video and don’t hesitate to spread the happiness with your friends.

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