“Lonely Husky Finds Comfort in Neighborly Embrace Across the Street”

Step into the wonderful world of Messy, a charming and amiable puppy residing in Thailand with his owner, Oranit Kittragul. Although Oranit cherishes Messy’s companionship, there exists another friend across the street who has recently become the Labrador’s newest and closest buddy – a husky!

According to Oranit Kittragul, his mixed-breed Audi spends most of the time alone at home. His owner leaves for work early in the morning and comes back late at night. When left alone, the dog often cries.
“When he is lonely and cries, I usually ask my other dog to come and talk to him,” explained Oranit. “My pet simply looks at me and lies down in Audi from time to time. Despite not being aware of what they are discussing, he stops crying.”

One day, it suddenly happened:

The lucky dog had an amazing opportunity to reunite with his friend when the owner of an Audi accidentally left the gate unlocked. Without wasting a moment, he ran straight to Messy for a warm embrace! “My furry friend hurried towards Messy and they hugged,” Oranit shared with a smile.

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