Lonely Kitten Spotted by Construction Workers; Days Later, Another Feline with Identical Fur Joins the Crew

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Recently, employees working at a construction site spotted a solitary kitten. After a couple of days, another feline with a matching fluffy coat appeared at the same location.

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Squiggy’s origin story begins three months ago when a construction site worker stumbled upon a tiny, abandoned kitten in the parking area. Despite efforts to locate the rest of the litter and the mother, none were found. Consequently, Murphy’s Law Animal Rescue (MLAR) was contacted for assistance. Fortunately, a kind-hearted individual generously transported the kitten to MLAR, where a foster volunteer named Monica welcomed it into her loving care. Monica affectionately named the kitten Squiggy. However, several days later, much to her surprise, another kitten with a fluffy coat similar to Squiggy’s showed up at the same construction site.

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A cute little kitten was discovered all by itself and saved from a construction site by Murphys Law Animal Rescue. The organization received a phone call about the little fur baby being found in a Skid Steer front-end loader by a city worker. Interestingly, this kitty was also white with black spots, just like another one that was found the previous week. This led to the suspicion that the two kittens might be related.

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After a couple of days, a similar-looking kitten was discovered by @murphyslawanimalrescue who seemed to be of the same age and had identical fluff. However, no mother cat was found around the area. The rescue team started to wonder if they were siblings and decided to bring them together. When Monica held the newly-found kitten named Shirley, she had a feeling that they were indeed related. Shirley was quick to adapt and snuggle up in a cozy blanket, feeling secure and cherished.

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At Murphy’s Law Animal Rescue, an adorable scene unfolded when Shirley was introduced to Squiggy. The two little creatures waddled up to each other and began thoroughly sniffing one another from head to tail. It wasn’t long before they were playing and frolicking as if they had been lifelong friends. Watching them roll around, crawling on top of each other and engaging in a friendly wrestling match was heartwarming. Eventually, they drifted off into a peaceful slumber together.

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The two kittens at murphyslawanimalrescue were caught snuggling as soon as they were reunited. They seemed inseparable and have been playing together ever since. A team of five people worked together to ensure that the two kittens would never be separated again. The kittens bonded rapidly within a few hours of being reunited.

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Squiggy and Shirley were inseparable, just like two peas in a pod. Squiggy was still learning how to play with toys, while Shirley was sharpening her walking and wrestling skills. Squiggy mastered eating from a dish with ease, whereas Shirley preferred some extra bottle time. They would often roll and tumble in their cozy nest, resembling cute roly-poly fluff balls.

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At Murphy’s Law Animal Rescue, we observed the adorable pair of kittens doing everything together and influencing each other’s personalities. Shirley stepped up her game in eating when Squiggy started weaning, as she wanted to join her sibling in meal times. Similarly, when Squiggy mastered using the litter box, Shirley followed suit and attempted to do the same.

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@murphyslawanimalrescue’s Shirley enjoys playtime every day, but sleeping remains her top priority along with her brother. The rescue organization is ecstatic to have reunited the siblings and is happy to offer Shirley the same second chance Squiggy received. It is a heartwarming feeling to see them together again.

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Squiggy and Shirley are the perfect pair, like peanut butter and jelly or apple pie and baseball. The way they move around might be a bit wobbly, but it’s impossible to resist their joyful energy. Murphy’s Law Animal Rescue is lucky to have them!

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As these feline creatures matured into active and playful cats, they began to engage in various mischievous activities with their fellow foster kittens. They soon developed an outgoing and sociable nature, earning them the title of social butterflies.

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Shirley and her fellow foster cat, Stanley from Murphy’s Law Animal Rescue, spent some quality time together. Fortunately, both of them were rescued and finally found their forever home after waiting for the perfect family who would love and care for them for the rest of their lives. It’s heartwarming to know that it took a community of people to save these two precious kittens, and now they can enjoy their new life together.

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Shirley, Squiggy, and their buddies at Murphy’s Law Animal Rescue.

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