Lonely Moose waits eagerly at the doorstep for his beloved owner’s homecoming

The internet was moved by a touching photo of a dog patiently waiting for his deceased owner to come back. However, there is a happy ending to this story, as Linda Barish from a rescue organization in New Jersey revealed that Moose had a difficult time coping after his owner’s passing.

A heartwarming image was posted on the Facebook page of Eleventh Hour Rescue, a non-profit organization for family pets, on June 17. The picture featured a dog named Moose patiently waiting beside a hospital bed. Unfortunately, Moose’s owner was not present and the dog seemed to be eagerly waiting for their return. According to Barish, the caregiver of Moose’s owner, the loyal dog was waiting by the door hoping that his owner will come back. However, since the owner did not return, Moose was given back to Eleventh Hour Rescue. This was not the first time Moose had been in the care of this organization. In August 2017, he was found tied to a railroad crossing sign in rural Georgia and was eventually taken to a city shelter.

The Eleventh Hour Rescue saved a dog from being euthanized and provided him with a foster home. After a few months, he was adopted in April 2018. Unfortunately, his owner passed away due to an illness, leaving the three-year-old Labrador mix feeling distressed and in need of a new caregiver. Barbara J. King, who authored “How Animals Grieve,” explained that it’s common for pets to react this way after losing their owners. Although it’s challenging to determine how a pet may react, some typical behaviors include social withdrawal, lack of appetite or sleep, and visible distress. King believes that Moose’s actions were likely due to a longing for reunion with his owner rather than grief. She is hesitant to label Moose’s responses as “grief” without knowing if he was present at the time of death or involved with the body afterward.

Moose, a dog, has been adopted twice from Eleventh Hour Rescue in a short span of time. The rescue team shared Moose’s story on Facebook, which went viral and garnered many adoption applications from across the globe. However, the team did not adopt on a “first come, first served” basis and instead looked for the best match for their dogs. Eventually, Moose was adopted by a family who recently lost their own dog of 14 years and were also grieving. According to experts, it is possible for people and pets to heal together after experiencing losses, even if they are different kinds of losses.

At present, Moose is taking care of a family member who recently lost their long-time pet, and he seems to be doing well. According to King, pet owners dealing with grieving or sad pets should spend more time with them and provide extra attention, love, and patience. In severe cases, owners should consider consulting with a veterinarian to ensure that their pets are receiving the necessary treatment. Regarding Moose’s progress, Barish hasn’t received an official update yet since the rescue checks in with new families one week after adoption. However, she has heard through a volunteer friend that Moose is thriving in his new home.

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