Lost in Reflection: Pup’s Perplexity during Hide and Seek with Owners’ Mirror Image

Who doesn’t love a good game of hide and seek? It’s not just the excitement of the chase, but also the joy of finding someone, especially when it comes to playing with kids or pets. Dogs, in particular, are very adept at playing hide and seek with their owners. They are intelligent creatures who can easily locate their owners’ hiding spots.
Moose is a charming Golden Retriever who is exceptionally clever. His owners, Shane and Lindsey, are delighted by their ten-month-old pup’s love for playing hide-and-seek with them. Moose becomes incredibly excited whenever the game begins. He turns around and heads for the door, waiting for his owners to hide. Then, they ask Moose where to look, providing a subtle hint to help him find them.




In this particular instance, Moose happens to see Shane through the reflection in the mirror. As soon as he spots him, he jumps onto the bathroom counter, his initial excitement turning into a moment of contemplation as he takes a moment to process what he’s just seen.


For a brief moment, Moose couldn’t believe what he was witnessing, resulting in an endearing and comical few seconds that are sure to bring a smile to your face.


However, it doesn’t take long for Moose to catch on to the situation and Shane’s plan is exposed. In a swift move, Moose leaps towards Shane with a look that clearly says “I’ve got you now!”


Moose, like many dogs, is a competitive pup who never gives up on a challenge. He becomes increasingly excited and impatient as he searches for his owners, Lindsey and Shane. The word “losing” isn’t part of his vocabulary, and he can hardly contain his enthusiasm as he scours the house in search of them. Upon entering the bathroom, Moose catches a glimpse of Shane through the mirror and becomes confused. Shane was hiding behind the door and recording the whole experience with his phone. Moose is quick to notice the reflection of himself, Lindsey, and Shane and questions what he sees. It’s unclear whether dogs understand the reflective properties of mirrors, but they do have a sense of self-awareness. Moose stands there in disbelief for several seconds before realizing what’s going on and jumping towards Shane. The adorable video of Moose’s confusion went viral online, and it’s easy to see why!

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