Lovable Beast: Hulking 180-Pound Pooch Anticipates Daily Hugs and Snuggles from Favorite Mail Carrier.

On a daily basis, Fronky, the Bull Mastiff, has a routine that he follows. Each morning, Fronky eagerly awaits by the door, begging his owner to let him outside. After being let out, he patiently sits and waits in the front yard.

Fronky is eagerly anticipating the arrival of his best buddy, Shaun, who happens to be a mailwoman. Ever since Fronky was just a little seven-week-old pup, he and Shaun have been the best of pals. They do everything together and spending time with Shaun is always the highlight of Fronky’s day. Eileen, Fronky’s mom, shared that whenever Shaun is getting her packages ready to come to their house, Fronky’s tail starts wagging so fast with excitement. And if Shaun takes too long, Fronky gets a bit impatient!

Fronky has turned into a massive dog weighing about 180 pounds and has the ability to jump over the front yard fence effortlessly. Despite his size, Fronky is a well-behaved dog who stays within his boundaries. Luckily, Shaun can still show him affection and give him plenty of love! Eileen mentioned that Shaun previously owned a chocolate lab that has passed away. She thinks that Fronky satisfies her longing for puppy cuddles.

According to Eileen, taking a short break with Fronky does wonders for her wellbeing and gives her something to be excited about. Shaun and Fronky share an amazing bond, and they often catch up when Shaun has free time. Eileen considers Shaun as a part of their family and eagerly awaits her visits. Fronky can’t contain his excitement upon hearing Shaun’s voice, and his behavior is irresistible.

According to Hill’s Pets, Fronky’s fondness for Shaun is atypical for his breed. As per the website, Bullmastiffs are known to be loving and kind towards their family members due to their calm and relaxed nature. They are well-suited for families with well-behaved children. However, they tend to be cautious around strangers. Fronky’s behavior towards Shaun suggests that he considers him a part of his family, which is heartwarming. Eileen expressed her gratitude that Fronky and Shaun share a mutual bond, and they both seem excited about their relationship.

Meet Fronky, the lovable giant canine who has found a great friend in his human pal, Shaun. Their bond is absolutely heartwarming and a joy to witness. To check out more charming snapshots and clips of Fronky, hop over to his Instagram page. Don’t miss their fun and adorable antics by watching the video linked below! Feel free to share this delightful duo with your loved ones.

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