Loyal Stray Dogs Guard and Protect Blind Senior by the Riverside

Homeless Dogs Protect Blind Elderly Woman Lying By The River

It’s hard to find any other pet that can match the loyalty of dogs. These furry, four-legged creatures are simply amazing. They’re not just intelligent and adaptable, but also incredibly affectionate towards their loved ones. In fact, their loyalty towards their human companions is unparalleled! Recently, a photograph captured in Nepal went viral, showing two faithful dogs standing by a woman’s side while she slept by the river. The picture was taken by a local passenger named Ake Srisuwan, and it instantly touched the hearts of thousands of people worldwide. This emotional moment once again proves that dogs will never leave the side of those they love.

a homeless dog protects a girl lying by the river

The pictures may not provide much information, but they are a clear example of a dog’s unwavering loyalty to its humans. According to reports, a blind woman was found sleeping on the muddy riverbank with water everywhere. Two dogs were seen guarding her, with one right beside her and the other a few meters away, ensuring her safety.

homeless dogs sit next to a girl lying by the river

A touching scene of genuine friendship and a dog’s devotion was documented by a nearby individual named Ake, who happened to witness this heartwarming display. Despite being homeless, the dogs didn’t hesitate to demonstrate the admirable qualities for which they’re renowned. Assistance was provided to both the compassionate woman and her loyal companions.

homeless dogs follow a woman

The woman and her brave dogs were located and given proper care by local authorities, all thanks to a viral photo. News of their rescue made its way around the world, highlighting the strong connection between humans and their furry companions. However, Nepal still struggles with the issue of stray dogs.

sad homeless dogs

Regrettably, the issue of stray dogs in Nepal persists and is only escalating. As reported by Online Khabar, there are thousands of abandoned dogs roaming the streets of Nepal, with Kathmandu alone housing about 30,000 of them. The absence of a concrete plan to address this predicament has resulted in almost all of these dogs being in an extremely pitiful state. Despite their friendly and resilient nature, these dogs are unable to survive due to malnourishment and various ailments caused by unhygienic living conditions. We earnestly anticipate the implementation of an initiative that would provide these lovable canines with a shelter, where they can be adopted into loving homes. This is the least they deserve!

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