Meet “Augie,” the Exceptional 20-Year-Old Golden Retriever Making Canine History as the Longest-Living of Her Kind

This lovely well-behaved lady recently commemorated reaching a significant age. The elderly golden retriever has officially turned 20 years old and celebrated by indulging in a canine-friendly carrot cake while relishing the company of her pet parents and golden retriever siblings. However, this birthday holds not only personal significance for August and her family but also a remarkable global achievement as she becomes a historic figure reaching the impressive milestone of two decades.

August, lovingly referred to as Augie, holds the distinguished title of being the most senior golden retriever in existence. While several of these delightful dogs have reached the impressive milestones of 17, 18, or even 19 years, Augie proudly stands alone as the only golden retriever to celebrate her twentieth birthday.

Even though Augie is getting up there in years, she remains in pretty good health. Augie has been grappling with kidney problems for quite some time now, which has slightly slowed her down compared to her youth. However, she can still navigate her way without much difficulty and takes great pleasure in strolling around the yard.

Augie has led a remarkably adventurous and occasionally challenging life. This adorable pooch has quite the rescue story, as she has been rehomed not just once, but twice before ultimately being welcomed into her forever home.

Despite the challenges of constantly moving from one family to another, Augie’s journey ultimately led her to the perfect destination. Jennifer and Steve Hetterscheidt provided Augie with a forever home, resulting in six joyful years spent alongside them and their other beloved pets. Augie’s deep affection for her family suggests that destiny had always intended for them to come together.

Augie has been experiencing an abundance of happiness in her life, all thanks to the presence of Jennifer and Steve. The past few years have been an incredible journey filled with immense love and exhilaration. Augie’s life has been enriched with the companionship of numerous furry siblings, unforgettable adventures across the country, endless moments of warmth and affection, and thrilling sessions of playing fetch in the pool.

Finding adoptive homes for senior dogs can be a challenge, which is why Augie feels incredibly grateful that Jennifer and Steve stepped up to rescue her. Their unwavering love and dedication have truly changed Augie’s life for the better. Thanks to their genuine care, Augie has not only thrived but also achieved an unparalleled milestone of reaching the remarkable age of 20. We are overjoyed for Augie and eagerly anticipate many more delightful years with her loving family.

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