Meet Fred, the Furry Foster Father Who Opens His Heart to Orphaned Ducklings

From the very beginning, Fred stated that he would not be neglecting his duties.

Throughout the ages, there have been instances where animals exhibit nurturing behavior towards offspring of other species. It is a sight to behold, especially when it is not an animal’s natural instinct to do so. The internet has been buzzing lately about a male Labrador who has gained popularity for taking in a group of orphaned ducklings.

In Stansted Mountfitchet, Essex, a surprising turn of events occurred at Mountfitchet Castle. After nine ducklings hatched, their mother disappeared without a trace. The people who lived there decided to take the ducklings in and care for them. Fortunately, Fred, an affectionate 10-year-old labrador who was the boss of the farm, came to their aid. According to Jeremy Goldsmith, the owner, “We decided to take them inside because the ducklings were too young to fend for themselves. Fred took them under his paw instead of his wing. He is a kind-hearted animal who has been raised alongside rescued animals.”

Mountfitchet Castle is home to a variety of animals, and Fred is no stranger to interacting with them. But now he’s taken on the task of caring for a group of orphaned babies, which is something new and unique for him.

Fred, the Labrador, had a special way of bonding with his playful ducklings. He enjoyed taking them on strolls across the castle grounds, giving them rides on his back or head. Being a Labrador, he had a natural love for swimming, and Fred’s ducklings were no exception, eagerly following him into the water for a splash. According to Goldsmith, the ducklings would joyfully scramble all over him, enjoying their time together. This heartwarming sight was truly delightful to witness!

Fred made headlines again this year for his compassionate act. He adopted six more ducklings after their Muscovy duck mother went missing, leaving them alone and vulnerable. Fred took on the responsibility of caretaker once again, just like he did with his previous group of ducklings. Clearly, being a father figure to these little ones brings Fred immense joy as he welcomed these new additions into his life.

When Fred showed up, he immediately demonstrated his willingness to take care of the ducklings and fully embraced his caregiver role. The baby ducks quickly bonded with their unusual mother figure and started cuddling and playing around him within a short amount of time. Currently, the 11-year-old dog has expanded his family to include 15 charming ducklings who love exploring Mountfitchet Castle’s extensive landscape and basking in the sun.

There’s no denying the fact that the charming old canine and his eccentric friends have gained a huge fanbase on the internet. Initially constructed as a hill fort during the Iron Age, Mountfitchet Castle was later reconstructed as a Norman Motte and Bailey Castle made entirely of wood. Over the years, the castle has been home to various groups of people, including Romans, Saxons, and Vikings. In 1066, the legendary William the Conqueror led a raid on the town. Despite its long history, Mountfitchet Castle has undergone significant renovations to keep up with the times.

Fred and his entourage of ducks have their own Instagram page where they frequently share adorable snapshots with their followers from all over the world. Take a look at the video provided to witness more of this lovable family! Be sure to spread the cuteness with your friends and family.

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