“Meet the Adorable Canine Born with Short Spine and No Neck Who Found a Perfectly Loving Family”

Meet Cooper, a special American foxhound puppy who stands out from the rest. Despite being born with a short spine and no neck, Cooper has been embraced by a loving family who loves him for who he is. He is among only a handful of dogs who have been diagnosed with short spine syndrome.


Cooper, a dog with a rare condition of being born without a neck and half a spine, faced several challenges due to his distinctive physical features. However, despite all the difficulties, he was determined to find a forever home where he would be accepted and loved for who he was, regardless of his appearance.


The dog has a distinctive appearance and had a difficult beginning. According to the Daily Mail, his spine is fused in two locations, at his neck and rear, causing him to appear neckless and requiring him to move his entire body to look behind him. Owner Elly Keegan speculates that he was likely bred in a puppy mill in Halifax, Virginia and was likely abandoned due to his congenital disability, which may have resulted from inbreeding at the mill.


Back in 2017, a group of rescuers stumbled upon him and brought him to Secondhand Hounds, a shelter located in Minnetonka, Minnesota. However, his initial placement with another family didn’t go as planned because he had a habit of chasing their felines. Fortunately, Cooper’s luck changed when Elly Keegan and her loved ones gave him a forever home.


Despite the fact that some individuals might overlook a dog with such an unconventional appearance, or worse yet, opt to euthanize him due to his disability, Elly possesses a compassionate heart toward dogs with varying abilities and is dedicated to providing Cooper with all the affection and assistance he requires.


According to Elly, Cooper needed medical help, but luckily Secondhand Hounds was there to provide support. Although the dog faced some medical challenges in the beginning, such as a fall that resulted in a fractured neck and a bone infection, he has shown progress in other ways. Cooper’s congenital disability caused him to have his “butt on his back,” but after undergoing surgery, he can now go to the bathroom independently with greater ease.


Cooper adjusted to his fresh surroundings with ease and has won the hearts of his new family. The furry little pup takes joy in playing with his toys, snuggling with his human companions, and taking long strolls around the neighborhood.

Although Cooper has been through some tough times in the past, his demeanor hasn’t faltered. He is the happiest dog around, according to Elly. Everywhere he goes, people adore him, and he absolutely loves the attention. In fact, he has a huge fan following on social media! Elly shared with Daily Mail, “He’s such a friendly dog.”


Every dog deserves to be loved and cared for, regardless of their appearance or unique needs. It’s heartwarming to know that Cooper has found a loving home that accepts him for who he is. With plenty of love, patience, and understanding, dogs with special needs can thrive in an environment where they feel accepted and embraced.

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