Norbert the Therapy Dog Celebrates 13th Birthday, Spreading Joy and Impacting Lives

Norbert, a certified therapy animal and beloved rescue dog with a massive social media following, celebrated his birthday in the most adorable way possible. The furry hero, who is famous for giving high fives to people in nursing homes, hospitals, and schools, spent his special day playing, snoozing, and spreading joy. He took three long naps, enjoyed a leisurely walk around his neighborhood, and greeted all his friendly neighbors. Norbert’s devoted family also threw him a party complete with a delicious strawberry shortcake for the human guests and a cozy new bed for the birthday boy.

Julie Steines, the proud owner of Norbert, expressed her gratitude for her furry companion and the many years they have spent volunteering together as a therapy dog in children’s hospitals and nursing homes. Norbert has been a source of heartwarming memories for Julie over the past 13 years since she adopted him in 2009. She believes that Norbert has made a positive impact on people’s lives and wishes him a happy 13th birthday. Norbert, too, was thrilled to celebrate his special day with loved ones.

“Oh my goodness! Today marks my 13th birthday, and I’m officially a teenager! Despite never growing taller than 7 inches, I don’t let my size hold me back. I take pride in knowing that I spread joy to people all around the globe every single day with my adorable antics. It’s truly an honor to have been able to bring smiles to people’s faces for 13 years now. My small stature proves that you don’t have to be big to make a significant impact on the world,” expressed the lovable pup in a heartfelt message about his special day.

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