Rescue Mission: Abandoned Pup Found in Cardboard Box Near Trash Barks for Help to Shelter Personnel

Every year, HelpAWS, a pet rescue organization located in Saint Lucia, hosts a clinic aimed at spaying and neutering pets as a way to control their population on the island. The staff and veterinarians work long hours during this event, but they find it rewarding. However, after three days of the clinic, everyone was exhausted and ready to go home when they stumbled upon a heart-dropping discovery. While leaving the clinic, they found a cardboard box next to a trash bin. Knowing what they might find, they still investigated the box. Five little puppies cuddled together in the damp brown box.

As Troubetzkoy gazed at the adorable faces peeping out of the package, she couldn’t help but feel emotional. As someone who has dedicated her career to helping dogs in distress, she has faced many challenging situations. However, these heart-wrenching moments never seem to get any easier. “No matter how many times I go through this, it breaks my heart to see those tired and scared little eyes looking back at me,” Troubetzkoy shared.

The rescue team promptly took the puppies to the sanctuary for a check-up to ensure they were not ill or injured. The puppies seemed unsure of their new surroundings at first but this is a typical reaction, according to Troubetzkoy. However, it didn’t take them long to realize that they were finally in a safe place where they would be taken care of and receive love and nourishment.

After receiving confirmation that the puppies were in good health, they were allowed to enjoy their time at the sanctuary. As the shelter staff observed them playing, they began to notice unique characteristics in each of the dogs. Among them, Chrissy stood out as an exceptionally kind-hearted puppy. The litter as a whole had delightful personalities, with a curious and outgoing nature. Despite their newfound freedom, Chrissy remained patient and would wait her turn for snuggles and treats. It was heartwarming to see them still cuddled up together for naps, similar to when they were all cramped in a cardboard box.

At the sanctuary, the entire team was thrilled as every single member of the “box litter” finally found their forever home. Despite being exhausted at times, the team never gave up on their mission to help animals in need. It was a truly fulfilling moment for everyone involved.

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