“Rescued from a Sweltering Car, this Husky Now Enjoys a Joyful Life with her Loving Family”

In Las Vegas, the staff of a casino took action to rescue a husky puppy that had been left locked in a car in 113-degree heat. The police officers of Las Vegas Metro caught the incident on their bodycams and the video revealed that the poor dog’s mouth had been taped shut.

After spotting a husky puppy trapped in a sweltering 113-degree vehicle at Bellagio casino parking, the department posted a video of their heroic rescue efforts. The footage shows a concerned bystander and security personnel offering comfort to the pup, whose tongue was out due to the extreme heat.

The poor pup was rescued just in the nick of time as he struggled to catch his breath. The accompanying footage clearly shows that the dog’s owner was promptly detained once his involvement was uncovered.

The individual in question is set to serve time in jail for subjecting an innocent animal to life-threatening conditions for over two hours without providing any basic necessities such as water, food, or even proper ventilation. Check out the video for further details.

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