Rescued Pup: A Serendipitous Encounter at the Pier During a Meaningful Moment

Raden Soemawinata experienced a challenging moment when he went to scatter his grandmother’s ashes at the Brighton Pier in Melbourne. As he prepared to bid farewell to his loved one, fate intervened, and he found himself in a position to save a life. A little Maltese-shih tzu named Bibi had fallen into the water due to strong winds blowing across the bay. Sue Drummond, Bibi’s owner, was understandably panicked and feared for her pet’s safety. However, Soemawinata’s quick thinking and bravery allowed him to rescue Bibi, turning what could have been a tragic day into a miraculous one.


Soemawinata wasted no time and swiftly removed his clothing, leaving only his shirt and underwear on, before plunging into the water to rescue the frightened pup. Onlookers, including a nervous Drummond, watched on as Bibi battled to stay afloat. Fortunately, Soemawinata was able to reach the dog in time and bring him back safely to the pier. Drummond was elated to see her little companion back by her side and immediately hugged Soemawinata in gratitude. It’s unlikely that Drummond ever anticipated such an event, but one thing is certain – without Soemawinata’s bravery, Bibi may not have been as lucky. Drummond hesitated to join the rescue effort as she was unsure if she could make it back to shore with a struggling dog.


If it weren’t for Soemawinata, things would have turned out badly. Bibi, a tiny pooch, might not have been able to escape danger. Soemawinata is hailed as a hero not just because he was at the right place and time, but also because he was observant and took action. His prompt response not only rescued a life but also brought joy to a pet parent.



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