Riding on the Alaskan Adventure Bus with Furry Pals: Unleashing the Fun with Canine Companions and Mountain Mutts

During an interview with FOX Television Stations, the couple who runs Mo Mountains Mutts revealed that they never intended to become business owners. Instead, their business grew organically over time. Mo Thompson had always envisioned a means of transporting her clients and initially started with a bike. As her clientele expanded, she upgraded to a minivan before eventually acquiring a larger van. While driving her sizable van one day, a tire unexpectedly came off mid-route. This mishap prompted Mo to post a request for a short bus or large van on her local community page. Fortunately, she was able to acquire a bus that had been abandoned amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

The couple, who have a lovely son named Vern and reside in Skagway, often share videos on social media highlighting their daily routine and professional endeavors. Thompson believes that their successful balancing act between work and parenting is primarily attributed to their exceptional teamwork. She deeply appreciates her spouse’s active involvement and acknowledges that without his support, they wouldn’t have achieved this feat.

A video featuring cute animals getting on a bus and taking their seats has gone viral on TikTok, garnering over 50 million views.

In the video, Thompson warmly welcomes Jake with a cheerful “Good morning.” Then, he places a leash on the furry companion who takes a seat beside him. Together, they run their canine bus all year long and even provide pet-sitting services from time to time.

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