Rolling Marvel: A Unique Kitten’s Exciting Journey Awaits a Caring Forever Home

Introducing Snapple, a curious tuxedo feline from Minnesota who loves to explore the world on wheels! Despite having special needs, this cute kitty has an unstoppable spirit and is determined to live his life to the fullest. Snapple is currently looking for his forever family who will provide him with extra care and lots of love, while joining him on exciting adventures. Kris, Snapple’s foster mom, shares more about this brave little cat in the following tale.

A heartwarming story about Snapple’s beginnings, a little kitten found in April 2021 whose young mother was unable to care for him and his siblings. As a foster caregiver specializing in wobbly kittens with Cerebellar Hypoplasia (CH) through the Bitty Kitty Brigade, I heard about Snapple and knew I wanted to help. Being a lover of wobbly kittens, I happily took in Snapple and gave him the care he needed to thrive.

When I took in Snapple and his three siblings, they were only 4.5 weeks old and just beginning the weaning process. Their previous caregiver named them after popular beverages. Unfortunately, Snapple had a wobbly head due to his condition, CH, and to make matters worse, he couldn’t use his front legs. As a result, I had to separate him from his litter mates who would playfully attack his tail and feet. It was a difficult decision, but necessary to protect Snapple since he was defenseless.

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After realizing that the rest of the kittens were not displaying any symptoms of CH, I arranged for them to be taken care of by another caregiver. This allowed me to concentrate solely on Snapple’s needs. The veterinary neurologist who examined Snapple concluded that he probably did not have CH, but rather a combination of Brain and Cervical Spinal Cord Disease. It was uncertain how his quality of life would be affected, so I brought him home with me, determined to shower him with love and attention before making any decisions about his future.

As I indulged Snapple and accompanied him on exciting expeditions, I realized that providing him with enough stimulation and attention made him an ecstatic little kitty! He adores tagging along on mini escapades where I carry him around to examine the flora, fauna, and avifauna outdoors. He feels at ease in various scenarios. Social gatherings and parks are Snapple’s favorites, as he delights in mingling with new acquaintances!

@tuxonwheels had a problem – his cat Snapple needed a custom cart, but he was still growing and would likely outgrow it before it even arrived. Luckily, he found an adjustable one on Amazon that he could customize to fit Snapple perfectly. While he’s usually not a fan of carts for cats because they often hate them and can get around just fine without them, Snapple was different. He loved the cart and was able to run around in it right away!

@tuxonwheels shares the story of Unstoppable Snapple, who gets to exercise on the cart a few times every day. They usually use the quiet street near their house or inside the house on their deck or dining room. Snapple also joins @tuxonwheels at work and runs around the office and warehouse, having fun. Though Snapple has mobility challenges when not in the cart, he loves pushing himself around and playing with his toys. Sometimes, he prefers being in a cozy bed and observing activities around him.

Meet Snapple – he’s like any other cat, enjoying playing with toys, watching birds, and exploring his surroundings. Although he needs a little help from time to time, Snapple is an expert snuggler and loves attention. He’ll communicate with you when he wants it, but will also let you know when he’s had enough. Like most cats, he can get a bit overstimulated at times.

@tuxonwheels has shown how innovative solutions have helped Snapple become more self-sufficient in his daily routines. Snapple is a food lover and gets thrilled when approaching his food bowl. To help him eat on his own, he uses a feeding station that holds him upright. When nature calls, Snapple uses portable potty pads to relieve himself. He is incredibly clean and requires minimal cleanup.

@tuxonwheels is on the hunt for a permanent and loving family for Snapple, who is currently residing in foster care in Minnesota. It is important that Snapple’s forever home is with someone who either works from home, has retired from work, or can take him along to work. The ideal person will have plenty of time to engage Snapple in activities and give him the attention he deserves. A perfect match for Snapple would be someone with experience in caring for special needs pets or elderly pets. Snapple will require some special adjustments to his new home to ensure it is safe, comfortable, and enjoyable for him.

@tuxonwheels shared that Snapple, a cute and wobbly foster cat, stays clean and sleeps in a playpen at night. To ensure his happiness, it is important for him to have time to explore the house or outside, run around in his cart, play, and have easy-to-grab toys. Taking care of Snapple is not difficult, but it requires a bit more attention. The good news is that Snapple has been adopted by a couple named Ed and Gina who came all the way from Hawaii to Minnesota to visit him. Kris, Snapple’s foster parent, is thrilled about the adoption and said that Snapple hit the “adopter jackpot”. Soon, Snapple will travel to Hawaii to live happily ever after with his forever family. Kris expressed gratitude to everyone who helped share Snapple’s story and encouraged people to follow her on Instagram (@TippyTuxies) to see more of Snapple and her other cute, wobbly foster cats.

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