Ruby the Doberman Pinscher: A Heartwarming Story of an Adopted Kitten and Her Loving Motherly Bond

The love of a mother is boundless, as evidenced by a Doberman Pinscher mother who proves that affection transcends species.

In the previous month, Ruby became a mother to six lovely puppies. What made this tale even more touching was when she adopted an abandoned kitten and raised it as her own. Brittany Callan from Geneseo is the proud owner of six Dobermans, and Ruby, who is four-and-a-half years old, recently gave birth to six charming pups.

Brittany’s original batch of six kittens has now increased to seven due to a lucky find. While cleaning out her aunt’s gutters, she discovered a newborn kitten that appeared to have been abandoned by its mother. Although Brittany and her cousin, Nicole Gibbs, kept a watchful eye for the mother’s return, they decided to take the kitten indoors when they heard the sound of coyotes nearby. As a tribute to her father’s favorite song, Nicole affectionately named the kitten Ramblin’ Rose. The tiny feline still had a dried umbilical cord attached, indicating that she was only a few days old.

Newborns rely on milk for survival, and in this case, there was a one-week-old litter of puppies still nursing from their mother, Ruby, who lived next door. Brittany had the idea to introduce a kitten to Ruby, and the introduction went well. She allowed Ruby to smell the kitten while holding it in her hands before allowing the two to connect during nursing. Surprisingly, Ruby became quite fond of the kitten and began caring for it more than her own puppies, carrying it around the house and showering it with attention.

Ruby can continue nursing the kitten for another three to four weeks, but Brittany has started giving the kitten formula from Tractor Supply to make sure it gets enough nutrients. Although Ruby likes the kitten, Brittany is not planning to keep Ramblin’ Rose because her other Dobermans are not friendly towards cats. Furthermore, Brittany’s husky-shepherd mix doesn’t get along with cats either, so one of her relatives has agreed to adopt Ramblin’ Rose.

Once the kitten leaves, Ruby will have her paws full taking care of her own energetic litter of six kittens – three boys and three girls. However, she may still find time to go after her least favorite creature. It’s always heartening to see an animal in need being saved. In St. Louis, a stray dog was found stuck in an empty school and no one knows how he got there.

Fortunately, a team of kind-hearted people spotted the vulnerable pup and immediately reached out to a local rescue group. The Stray Rescue of St. Louis has significant expertise in supporting animals that have faced difficult situations, so they were prompt in responding to help the pit bull in distress.

Rescuing the dog was no easy feat as he was scared and uncertain when approached by humans. He swiftly ran away and hid, making it quite a challenge to bring him to safety. Fortunately, Donna Lochmann is no stranger to such situations and has successfully dealt with similar cases in the past.

Donna and her colleagues received a heartwarming surprise when the lost canine they were searching for showed up wagging his tail in a friendly manner. The dog was dubbed “Teacher’s Pet” by the rescue center who welcomed him with open arms. Two women from the area heard his howls emanating from the school and quickly alerted the Stray Rescue squad. Upon arriving at the scene, they found two dogs inside the building. However, Teacher’s Pet appeared to be the only one in need of help. According to Natalie Thomson, the director of marketing at Stray Rescue, this was the situation.

Rescuing the canine from the building proved to be a difficult feat. The rescuers were not authorized to enter the property, so they had to opt for an alternative approach – getting the dog out through the window. However, this made Teacher’s Pet, the pit bull who was saved, feel unsettled. Nevertheless, once inside the rescuers’ vehicle, the pooch’s behavior underwent a swift transformation and he became ecstatic.

As expected, the narrative ended on a positive note as a loving family welcomed the dog into their home. The dog was finally able to experience the freedom and happiness that he deserved.

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