Saved from a Sealed Box: The Joyful Life of Rescued Kittens

On a scorching summer day, a rescue couple in Philadelphia stumbled upon a distressing discovery – a sealed tote containing four helpless kittens barely clinging on to life. But what happened next is a heartwarming tale of how this couple sprang into action, disregarding everything else, to save these innocent creatures from an inevitable tragic end. Keep reading to learn more about this inspiring story.

Trusting Your Gut
In the scorching heat of July 27, 2020, Kris and Kia Papiernik, the founders of Kolony Kats, embarked on a TNR mission for a tricky cat that had eluded them. Despite the oppressive weather, these two determined rescuers refused to be deterred. However, they almost postponed the mission due to the unbearable heat.
Luckily, their instincts told them to push forward, and their decision paid off in spades. Had they waited for a cooler day, they wouldn’t have witnessed what happened next – a true stroke of luck!

Due to the poor weather forecast, the Papierniks were contemplating cancelling their plans. However, they decided to go ahead and try anyway. After placing a trap, they visited a nearby house to deliver some cat food. It was then that they came across a grey plastic tote lying on the ground close by. Upon opening it, they discovered something unimaginable. To ensure no animals are trapped inside, the Papierniks always check any boxes, bins, bags or trash bags they come across on the streets. Typically, it’s a false alarm. However, on this occasion, they found four kittens in a terrible state, lying on their side covered in feces, urine, and flies, and suffering from seizures. **WARNING: The following content has graphic images.**

Upon witnessing such a heinous act, the couple was appalled. How could anyone be so heartless as to abandon these kittens to endure a slow and agonizing demise? However, there was no time for speculation; Kris and Kia sprang into action. In a hurry, they rushed to save the helpless animals from their suffering. Kris and Kia were initially taken aback by the kittens’ condition – they appeared unresponsive and near-death. The kittens were having seizures and were foaming at the mouth, groaning and convulsing. With a sense of urgency, they went into rescue mode and quickly secured the tote containing the kittens. They then sped off to the vet, hoping the kittens would make it. Upon arriving at the veterinarian, the kittens’ journey to survival began.

Pausing to Take a Breath
Following Kris and Kia’s swift transportation of the kittens to the veterinarian, their initial shock evolved into anguish. The Papierniks divulged that “Once they were inside, we both broke down and started crying.” Although they have been rescuing cats for more than a decade, the couple claims that witnessing this incident was one of the most distressing experiences they have ever encountered. They were shattered and could not dispel the image and stench of the maltreated kittens from their minds. “We are generally resilient people,” they remarked. “However, this particular situation really affected us.” Before their tears had an opportunity to subside, they received a phone call from the vet…

Great Update
In a short period, the treatment had an immediate effect on two of the kittens!
The caregivers were overjoyed to see them up and about, playing and eating. They couldn’t believe their eyes and their sadness turned into happiness!
The Papierniks decided to give these two kittens meaningful names – Triumph and Valor.

While the rest of the siblings were getting better, Courage and Baby Brave were still battling for their lives. Despite Baby Brave’s valiant effort, he unfortunately did not survive. The Papierniks had to make the difficult decision to end his suffering as he continued to decline. Meanwhile, Courage was still fighting and although he was struggling with treatment, there was still a glimmer of hope for his recovery.

After Courage received medical treatment, Triumph and Valor were discharged from the vet clinic and placed in a foster home recommended by Kolony Kats. Fortunately, Courage made a full recovery and was able to join his siblings once again. Although it was a joyous reunion, the Papierniks couldn’t help but feel a mixture of happiness and sadness. They were thrilled that three of the four kittens survived and were given a new lease of life, but couldn’t help feeling saddened by the loss of Baby Brave.

The trio of felines were overjoyed to be reunited with one another. According to Kris and Kia, the kittens were diagnosed with neurological symptoms resulting from heat stroke trauma. Additionally, they were infested with fleas, had worms in their bellies, and showed signs of anemia. Despite this, they found solace with their foster family who showered them with love and affection. After a few days, the kittens were back to their playful selves, including Courage. The Papierniks couldn’t be happier seeing the trio so content.

Anticipating their Furrever Home
The little felines are currently residing in their foster residence, where they relish in tasty and nourishing meals while they gain weight and develop into a healthy state to undergo spay or neuter procedures. Despite having no potential adopters yet, Kris and Kia are confident that these darlings will soon find loving homes.

According to the Papierniks talking to National Kitty, these babies are all extremely charming. It seems like they have a newfound love for existence and are content with simply being alive. Moreover, each of the three “miracle babies” has its own distinct personality that sets it apart from the others.

The Papierniks described Valor as a feisty and spirited kitten, whose girl power personality makes her a true miracle baby. Triumph, on the other hand, is a fun-loving and joyful kitten, who has a knack for making people smile. Although Courage was initially wary and hesitant due to some neurological issues, he has since made a full recovery and is now doing well. All of these kittens have recovered from their ailments and are expected to live long and healthy lives. They are grateful to be in the caring hands of their rescuers, and their loving gazes reflect their appreciation. In addition to enjoying playtime and eating, the kittens seem to exude a sense of gratitude that is heartwarming to witness.

The adorable kittens, who had a tragic beginning, are now flourishing and living happily. The Papierniks, who rescued them, revealed that if they hadn’t intervened in time, the kittens would have perished. Kris and Kia have provided a safe and loving home to these precious little ones, ensuring that they will never experience any form of mistreatment or neglect again.

The Papiernik couple strongly believes in fate and they think that it was destined for them to visit that area on that day at that specific time so that they could rescue the abandoned kittens. If you want to be a part of Kris and Kia’s life-saving endeavors, you can contribute by donating food or supplies directly to Kolony Kats through their Amazon Wishlist. Moreover, if you want to help fund medical treatments for cats or kittens, you can click here to donate. Remember, it takes the collective effort of a community to save these innocent felines.

Introducing Our Inspirational Figures – Kolony Kats
Kolony Kats, founded by Kris Kia Papiernik, is a duo of loving wives that call Philadelphia their home. For ten years, the pair has been on a mission to champion Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) as a means of preventing the recurring distress that feral cats and kittens experience. Kris and Kia have dedicated their lives to TNR efforts and their passion for the cause knows no bounds. Kolony Kats is currently managed entirely by the two founders – there are no volunteers or employees present. They tirelessly work together towards their lifelong objective.

In Philadelphia, it’s estimated that there are around 400,000 stray cats roaming the streets, and their numbers are only increasing. However, Kris and Kia are doing what they can to alleviate the suffering of these felines in their community. Their dedication to TNR (trap-neuter-return) is unwavering – they work tirelessly, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, without breaks or vacations. No matter the weather conditions or time of day, Kolony Kats remains committed to their mission. The cats cannot pause their constant struggle, so Kris and Kia refuse to take a break from helping them.

Kris and Kia have taken up the noble task of being the only hope for stray and feral cats in their community. They are dedicated to spaying/neutering any and every cat that comes their way. Their TNR efforts have already made a significant difference, but they know there’s still a lot more work to be done. In addition to TNR, they also take care of their colonies on a daily basis, which now number over 60 cats across 8 different locations. Despite the challenges, Kris and Kia remain committed to their mission of helping these vulnerable felines.

Kris and Kia have taken on the responsibility of caring for multiple cats in need, who rely solely on them for support. They are dedicated to providing food and medical care to cat colonies located throughout the city and surrounding areas. The reason they do this is because they strongly believe that every feline deserves love and attention. These caring individuals make sure that the cats living in various locations such as alleys, backyards, under dumpsters, driveways, sidewalks, and street corners receive the nourishment they need. Kris and Kia’s unwavering commitment to animal welfare is admirable, and they will go to great lengths to ensure that these cats lead happier and healthier lives.

Kolony Kats is more than just a TNR organization. They go above and beyond to save the lives of cats by fostering and rescuing them. According to the Papierniks, TNR is the most humane option for many cats, but for some, it becomes a rescue mission to find them a loving foster home and ultimately a permanent home. If you want to see the amazing work done by Kolony Kats, be sure to follow them on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

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