Saying Goodbye: A Heart-wrenching Farewell to a Mother Dog and Her Adorable Puppies

A sad dog mom had to say goodbye to her pup when it was taken in by a new family in central China.

Starting in September, a pack of scholars attending Zhengzhou University, nestled in Henan province, have been providing for a mongrel stray dog who delivered a litter of seven adorable puppies.

A sad video was recorded on Monday of a mother saying goodbye to her brown puppy. She was seen giving it a final kiss before sending it off to its new owner. The moment was quite emotional and touching.

The keen eyes spotted the female owner cuddling a young dog and walking towards her scooter, with the concerned mother dog following closely.

The lady dog came to a halt next to her owner’s bicycle, looking forlorn with her head down, tail and ears drooping. It was as if she was pleading to be reunited with her pups.

As the owner bid farewell to his furry friend, he lovingly passed the puppy back to its mother. With gentle kisses and licks, he reassured the mother dog that her precious pup would be in good hands and receive the best care possible.

As the mother dog takes one final glance at her adored puppy, she turns her head and begins to walk away.

Many people have been touched by the viral video, and some have even compared it to a scene from a movie. Some have expressed deep sadness and even shed tears over the heartbreaking separation depicted in the video. One viewer even asked if there was a chance for both individuals to be adopted together. Click the link below to watch the heartbreaking clip.

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