“Subway Pups: A Heartwarming Tale of Saving and Adopting Abandoned Dogs in New York City”

The streets of New York City can be a treasure trove of surprises. A social media account by the name of “NYC Free at the Curb” is aiding residents in the Big Apple to discover costless items left on the sidewalk, such as pre-owned furnishings.

In a heartwarming turn of events, a woman found a new friend through social media after discovering an abandoned dog in a New York City subway station. The incident was reported on March 27th on the Instagram account “stooping”, which is known for sharing information about thrift store finds. However, this time it posted an emergency alert about a frightened and tied up dog found at Fulton Street subway station. After seeing the post, Heather Hamm felt compelled to assist with the animal’s rescue.

As Heather was scrolling through Instagram, she stumbled upon a post about an abandoned dog. She was surprised to learn that no one had taken the pup in and decided to take action. Heather hailed a Lyft and went to the station to meet the dog. Upon meeting her, there was an instant connection between them. Despite the initial hesitation from the puppy, Heather extended her hand, and soon enough, the little dog was wagging her tail and jumping with excitement. Heather realized that the dog was still a young puppy, and she couldn’t resist the urge to take her in her arms. The puppy seemed to have reciprocated Heather’s affection, as she jumped right into her arms with enthusiasm.

When the police arrived, they informed Heather that they could take the dog to a shelter if there was space available. However, Heather chose to take the dog to her apartment instead. She created a comfortable spot for the dog and decided to keep her. When she asked the police if she could have the dog, they agreed and told her that the dog clearly liked her. Heather shared her joy with ABC 7 New York.

“I started calling her Peaches and she immediately responded, so I guess that’s her name now,” Heather shared. This cute little pup is believed to be around 6-9 months old, but her origins are unknown, and she was found without a microchip. Fortunately, Peaches was in good physical condition, and the vet gave her a clean bill of health. Heather had already been considering adopting a dog, and when she met Peaches, it felt like fate. Now, Peaches has found a loving forever home with Heather.

Heather spoke with Green Matters and shared how well Peaches has been adjusting to her new home. According to Heather, Peaches is very obedient and attentive while walking with her. Not only that, but the dog has already learned basic commands like sit, stay, up, and down. Peaches accompanies Heather everywhere she goes and even sleeps at her feet at night. Heather found Peaches in an extraordinary way through an “at the curb” Instagram account. The dog was the best thing Heather had ever found through this account, which has also helped her find a coffee table and couch. WABC interviewed Heather and she expressed how this was her craziest stoop find yet. We are grateful to Heather for saving Peaches and giving her a wonderful new home. Please share this heartwarming news!

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