Surprise Delivery: Owner of White Dogs Shocked by Arrival of Black Puppies

Jacqueline Arguello was surprised when she discovered that her two white dogs had given birth to black puppies. She was amazed by the beauty of the new puppies but wondered if her dogs had been loyal. When the first black puppy was born, she found it amusing. However, as she saw more and more black puppies, she began to question their parentage. Arguello, who lives in Texas, shared her experience with BuzzFeed.

Arguello believed that her poodle was the only male dog that her female canine Mocca had interacted with. Nonetheless, the puppies’ different coloration made Arguello’s family wonder if Mocca had secretly mated with another dog.

It’s possible that genetics can explain why two white dogs can have black puppies. It’s all about the dominant ‘black’ gene that both parents carry. Interestingly, a color trait from several generations ago can still show up unexpectedly in a puppy.

Despite the seriousness of the situation, Arguello managed to bring some humor to the table with her joke. She expressed her happiness for the healthy pups and added that it would be interesting to see if they resemble their father. Her statement was followed by a playful giggle.

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