Sweet Surprise: Cold Stray Cat Seeks Warmth at Woman’s Door, Touches Hearts

During Valentine’s Day last year, Jaelle was startled by some unusual sounds emanating from her backyard. Investigating further, she stumbled upon an adorable orange tabby cat that was meowing and scratching at her door, pleading to be let in, all while standing in the snow.

Jaelle, who volunteers with a kitten rescue called Un Chat à la Fois in Quebec, Canada, wasted no time when she saw a sweet feline in need. Despite knowing that the rescue did not typically take adult cats, Jaelle opened her home to the cat and sent a photo to the founder of Un Chat à la Fois, Marie Simard. Marie was moved by the photo and instructed Jaelle to bring the cat to their partner clinic for evaluation.

According to her, his expression conveyed all that required expressing. She further stated that he lingered outside her door for some time, but when she asked her friend to bring him in, he didn’t resist. The poor cat was taken to the vet where he received care and medical attention. He had numerous bite wounds, fleas, ticks, frostbite, rotten teeth, and even diabetes. Without seeking assistance, he would not have survived the harsh winter.

Aslan, the feline who had been rescued, was overjoyed and appreciative of the company of the individuals who had aided him. According to Simard, he was “extremely friendly” towards the clinic personnel and would extend his paw out of his cage to receive pats and affection. His name was inspired by the lion in the famous “Chronicles of Narnia” series. Following several days of medical attention and attention at the clinic, Aslan’s health improved, and he was transferred to a new foster home where he received love and care from his new caretaker.

Aslan was deeply fond of his foster mother and never missed a chance to express his joy of being around her. According to Simard, Aslan was a warm and friendly cat who preferred to sleep next to his foster mom. It’s delightful to know that Aslan is now living a life of comfort and luxury, free from the struggles of finding food and shelter and surviving the harsh weather. He has found a loving forever family that adores him to bits.

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