The Amazing Journey of a Stray Kitten to a Loving Indoor Pet: A Heartwarming Tale

A little orange kitten made his way into a foster home as he was still a bottle-fed baby. According to Jessie, a volunteer of the NZ SPCA, the kitten was given to her because he was found alone in a backyard when he was only two weeks old.

Deli Department, the male tabby cat, was full of attitude and courage, despite his small size. He had the heart of a lion and wasn’t afraid to show it. Even as a young kitten, he exuded confidence and assertiveness. He ate with gusto, purred loudly, and resisted any attempts to control him. However, he did enjoy snuggling on his own terms.

Giving Deli his bottle was always a bit of a hurry as he wanted it right away. Despite being just a kitten, he grew rapidly and excelled in all aspects of kitten life. Deli was an amazing eater and also loved taking naps. To accommodate his needs, Jessie set up a large kitten pen but the little one preferred spending time with humans on their laps or shoulders. Deli was very good at staring from a young age.

When it was time for Deli to start eating independently, he stepped up to the challenge. “He’s devouring his food and milk mixture like it’s his last meal.” Jessie had prepared bottles just in case Deli needed extra nourishment during the day, but the determined tabby surprised everyone with his ability to adapt to solid food effortlessly.

To be honest, I believe this feline had no problem being the top cat wherever he went. He appeared carefree and unconcerned about anything. Even now, he remains the same, according to what Jessie shared with Love Meow. Once he gained his footing, Deli wasted no time in unleashing his boundless energy to roam and discover new things. This is when his vibrant and lively character shone through. Deli possesses a lot of spirit and is agile, with the ability to jump insanely high. He adores playing with children.

As soon as he was old enough to meet the household cat, Widdle, he was pleasantly surprised to see another orange tabby like him. He even endured an uninvited butt sniff and a playful wrestling match. He later learned that a heap of freshly laundered clothes is the ultimate sleeping spot, and perfected his trademark stern gaze as he watched over his humans.

The small marmalade cat is always full of energy and mischief. He loves to hang out in the kitchen, giving his humans a disdainful look while flicking his tail like a rebellious teenager. Despite his mischievous behavior, Deli knows he is adored and spends his days purring contentedly.

From the time he was a kitten requiring a bottle, Deli never gave up on his desire to have a space to call his own. And now, as a lively and content young feline, he eagerly anticipates finding his permanent home where he can thrive for years to come.

“Jessie expressed her delight in having such an adorable and humorous little orange by saying that he is a real sweetheart. Deli has grown into a charming young man with a captivating personality that can win anyone’s heart.”

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