“The Brave Act of a Puppy Mill Survivor: Hiding Her Puppies to Keep Them Secure”

In Australia, breeding dogs in kennels is considered illegal. Unfortunately, a dog was forced to have puppies in one such kennel and didn’t want her offspring to go through the same ordeal. So, she hid them in a wall cavity to keep them safe.


The situation at a kennel in South Australia was concerning, with reports of dogs suffering from poor health and malnourishment, as well as being subjected to mistreatment and constant breeding. Multiple animal welfare organizations, including ‘Oscar’s Law,’ uncovered these conditions and brought them to the attention of the RSPCA. Subsequent investigations were conducted by the Animal Protection Society.


The authorities stepped in to save the animals from the appalling conditions of the ‘factory’ they were kept in. However, it was later revealed that there was more to this gruesome tale.


The group was captivated by a beagle guarding a corner, only to find out that she had concealed her four puppies in a cavity in a wall. She did this in hopes of protecting them from being taken or meeting the same tragic end as she did. Unfortunately, the hatchery where she was kept has been shut down. What will happen to the animals remains unclear as these types of factories are legal in this region of New South Wales, as well as other parts of the globe.



A petition has been initiated to gather signatures immediately and alter the regulation to cease the production of puppy mills.

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