The Brave Husky: A Heartwarming Tale of Rescuing and Nurturing Seven Abandoned Kittens

Banner, the service dog, possesses an incredible compassion and kindness. Not only does she wholeheartedly support her owner, Whitney Braley, in overcoming her physical challenges, but she also exhibits an exceptional ability to rescue and nurture distressed animals.

Whitney has been the proud owner of a Husky for three years now, ever since the adorable pup was just a little ball of fluff. Over time, Whitney has trained her furry companion, named Banner, to lend a helping paw in various situations. Bored Panda had the chance to chat with Whitney, who revealed, “Banner has been a lifesaver by alerting me to PTSD episodes, anxiety attacks, headaches, as well as assisting with guidework, momentum pull, medicine retrieval, and even preventing self-harm.” Impressive, isn’t it?

“She’s always immersed in the world of adorable kittens, and our rescuing efforts have kept us busy.” Banner became the first foster parent to a bottle-fed kitten that I discovered abandoned in a ditch two years ago. While that particular cat continues to reside with us, she has since cared for at least ten distinct litters of kittens over time. However, the current situation is an entirely new experience for her.”

The sight that greeted her was truly heart-wrenching. It was in the depths of the forest where she stumbled upon a securely sealed cardboard box. To her dismay, the box contained seven tiny kittens, just a day old, battling the cold and on the verge of succumbing to the biting chill. Without wasting a moment, along with Banner, she hurriedly made her way to the woods and cautiously opened the box, gently rescuing each and every one of the helpless kittens.

Whitney, expressing her distress to Metro, shared her disbelief upon discovering a cardboard box containing helpless kittens, abandoned and left to perish. With compassion, she remarked on the heartlessness exhibited by the individual who callously sealed the lid, likely assuming that the kittens would remain hidden and forgotten. Banner, the person who found the kittens alongside Whitney, pointed out the uncanny ability displayed by the felines to remain silent amidst their freezing conditions. The sheer cruelty inflicted upon these innocent creatures deeply saddened Whitney, who found it appalling that someone could commit such an act without remorse.

Banner has remained by the kittens’ side ever since and has embraced them as if they were her own. According to Whitney, who shared the story with Bored Panda, “I had her spayed when she was 1.5 years old, but she has a remarkably strong maternal instinct.”

“I will now make sure to find loving and suitable homes for the kittens, where they will be cherished forever.” Due to the unfortunate policy of our local shelter, which euthanizes animals within three days, I feel compelled to take matters into my own hands. This is why I frequently end up fostering orphaned kittens to ensure their survival.”

“I am absolutely thrilled that, thanks to Banner, these adorable kittens will now have the opportunity to live their lives in loving homes. It brings so much joy to my heart.”
Banner is truly an exceptional hero, with unwavering commitment to helping every living being, including animals. To top it off, she has amassed a massive following of fans on her Instagram and Facebook pages. Make sure to visit her profiles for regular updates on the adorable kitties’ progress!”

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