“The Enormous and Majestic Maine Coon Cat that Takes the World by Storm”


A friendly Maine coon cat from Sweden named Lotus is breaking stereotypes about feline behavior with his gentle and sociable nature. Despite being noticeably larger than his cat siblings, Lotus gets along with everyone he meets, whether they are humans or other animals. His owner, who works in IT, describes Lotus as her everything and credits him with changing her life for the better. Maine coon cats are typically large, but Lotus is even bigger than average. Nonetheless, he loves visiting and hugging people and animals, proving that gentle giants can exist in the cat world too.


According to Lidenstein, Lotus is sometimes mistaken for a lion due to the fur around his neck when they go out for walks. However, people are amazed at how gentle he is when they meet him. Lidenstein added that from a distance, Lotus could be mistaken for a dog. Although Mario, Chivaz, and Lotus are indoor cats, their owner takes them on outdoor adventures using dog harnesses to ensure they don’t get lost. The cats enjoy exploring the outdoors and are happy and playful every time they get a chance to go outside.


On a few occasions, the cats have managed to escape from their home, but they always return and stay close to their loving family. Out of the siblings, Lotus prefers to go outside only when accompanied by his owner. He feels uneasy without her presence and they are often seen together by the locals. To showcase Lotus’s unique and admirable traits, Lindstein created a social media account dedicated solely to him. The page features not only Lotus but also his siblings and has amassed millions of views and over 300,000 followers.


Lindstein and her children take turns caring for their numerous cats, ensuring their fur stays healthy and shiny with the help of special oils and vitamin-rich food. The felines have a particular fondness for steak as a treat. To ensure their beloved cat Lotus is never left behind, the family purchased oversized transport cages to take him along on all their trips. Despite many people claiming to have large cats, Lotus is undoubtedly one of the biggest. Over the years, Lotus has made friends with many animals, including a special bond with a rabbit who has since passed away. Lindstein recalls Lotus attempting to chew on straw while the rabbit ate hay, creating an adorable scene.


The mother-in-law of Lidenstein owns a Chihuahua and Lotus has formed a good relationship with the dog. Although he has been known to go after stuffed animals, he eventually learned to share them with the owner’s children. When Lotus was a kitten, he once took a teddy bear for the owner’s daughter. When the daughter was ready for bed and wanted to take the teddy bear, Lotus wanted it for himself and took it, which led to a playful tug-of-war between the two. Eventually, Lotus got to keep the teddy bear, which has become his favorite toy. Lotus’s birthday is in July and Lidenstein feels that their experiences together have enriched her life and brought happiness to her children.


Lotus may not be aware of his size and can act like a kitten, but his actions are driven by his love and curiosity. Once, while in their cabin, two deer entered the meadow to graze on some grass. Lotus believed he could catch one of them, but he soon realized they were too large and far away. Instead, catching flies is more suitable for Lotus since he is clumsy and adorable, making him not the best hunter according to his owner’s fond recollections of Lotus.

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