“The Enormous Maine Coon: A Feline Behemoth Often Mistaken for a Canine”

When Minina adopted Kefir as a kitten more than two years ago, she never thought that he would become so massive. But now, Kefir weighs over 27 pounds which is beyond the typical size range for Maine Coon cats, usually topping off at around 25 pounds.

Despite his height, Kefir is a humble cat who doesn’t let his physical attributes define him. His owner describes him as incredibly intelligent and always displaying a calm demeanor. Unlike some felines, Kefir enjoys being the center of attention and welcomes affection from anyone who wants to pet his fur, whether they are friends or strangers.

Take a look below to witness the impressively massive size of Kefir, an adorable Maine Coon cat who weighs in at over 27 pounds. Despite his feline nature, Kefir often gets mistaken for a dog due to his size! Additionally, make sure to check out Minina’s brand new TikTok account where she shares all things fluffy and cute.

The content credit goes to Pinterest and the source is Natural Wonders.

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