The Heart and Soul of a Football Team: The Striker’s Dedicated Fans

A couple of years ago, Elford and Ralsky crossed paths during a dog show event. It just so happened that Elford’s Samoyed was placed in front of Ralsky’s Siberian husky based on their alphabetical order. Ralsky was intimidated by the flawless white coat of Elford’s dog and made a playful comment about painting it black, which Elford remembers to this day.

The three humans formed a friendship after their chance meeting and eventually decided to share ownership and expenses for Striker. While they could potentially make some money through breeding, it has mostly been a costly endeavor. According to Ralsky, it’s comparable to having a child involved in an elite sport, requiring travel and early mornings.

Striker, the Samoyed who almost clinched the top spot at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show two years in a row, has officially retired and is loving life. Even though he didn’t win, Striker is still a winner in his own right and enjoys spending his days playing, posing for the camera, and shedding his fur. According to his breeders and co-owners, Striker is an exceptionally laid-back pooch who greets each day with a smile and is always eager to participate in any activity.

Striker is a proud owner of a Siberian Husky named Awesome, who can be quite a handful at times. Although Striker didn’t win the top prize at Westminster, he did manage to bag the Best in Show title at the American Kennel Club in 2021.

According to his owners, Striker is an attention seeker and loves being the center of everyone’s focus. However, winning or losing doesn’t matter to him as he remains a natural ham, always posing for the camera and seeking affection from anyone around him.

Elford, the one who took care of Striker since he was a puppy, always had a feeling that he was exceptional. Striker’s physical attributes, such as his wedge-shaped head, almond eyes, and strong build, align perfectly with the breed standard. However, there was something intangible about him that made him stand out from the rest.

Every two weeks, this furry friend undergoes an intense grooming session that lasts for hours. His owners use a variety of products and a powerful hot air dryer to ensure his coat stays in top shape. To keep him dry during rainy weather, they even make him wear a raincoat! As for his night-time routine, he enjoys two gummy bears as a treat before snuggling up on his owners’ bed and pawing them for attention. Despite being a champion in dog shows, he remains a loyal member of the family who prefers to sleep with his owners.

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