“The Hugging Hound: Heartwarming Story of a 180-Pound Pooch Who Can’t Wait to Embrace His Mail Carrier Bestie”

Each day, Fronky, a lovable Bull Mastiff, has a morning routine that he never fails to follow. He eagerly stands by the door and begs his owner to let him outside for some fresh air. After she grants his wish, Fronky heads straight to the front yard where he patiently waits for what’s to come.

Fronky eagerly anticipates the arrival of his dear friend, Shaun, who happens to be a mailwoman! Fronky and Shaun have an unbreakable bond that dates back to when Fronky was just a young pup of seven weeks. Meeting Shaun is the highlight of Fronky’s day, and the two are simply inseparable. Whenever Shaun pulls up in her truck to deliver packages, Fronky’s tail wags uncontrollably with excitement. However, if Shaun takes too long to get to their house, Fronky’s impatience starts to show. According to Fronky’s mother, Eileen, he simply cannot wait to spend time with his best friend.

Fronky, a lovable dog weighing 180 pounds, has become quite the impressive jumper who could easily clear the front yard fence. However, Fronky is a well-behaved pup who always stays on his side of the fence. Luckily, Shaun is still able to lavish him with plenty of affection and snuggles! According to Eileen, Shaun’s previous chocolate lab has passed away, but Fronky fills the void by providing her with all the puppy cuddles she desires.

According to Eileen, spending some time with Fronky helps her out and makes her feel happy. Shaun and Fronky share a great bond and Shaun often visits Fronky on her days off. Eileen considers Shaun as a part of their family and eagerly waits for her to come by every day. Fronky gets super excited when he hears Shaun’s voice and cannot contain his excitement.

According to Hill’s Pets, Fronky’s fondness for Shaun is uncommon among his breed. Normally, Bullmastiffs are gentle and caring with their family members due to their relaxed and amiable nature, which makes them perfect for households with well-behaved children. However, when someone unfamiliar enters their domain, they tend to become suspicious and watchful. Therefore, it is safe to assume that Fronky perceives Shaun as one of his own family members. How delightful! Eileen expressed her appreciation for the mutual affection between Fronky and Shaun, stating that they both eagerly await spending time together.

Meet Fronky, the charming giant dog who has an adorable bond with his best friend Shaun. Their companionship is heartwarming to behold, and you can catch glimpses of their precious moments on Fronky’s Instagram page. To get a better feel for their dynamic, be sure to check out the video below and share it with your loved ones.

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