The Incredible Story of a Man’s Unwavering Search for His Beloved Dog and Their Joyful Reunion, Four Years Later

In 2016, Michael Joy experienced the worst nightmare any dog owner could have. His three beloved canine companions ran away and went missing. Unfortunately, even after scouring every nearby shelter, Michael was unable to locate his four-month-old Lab mix, Sam. Though two of the dogs eventually returned, Sam was still nowhere to be found. Determined to bring his furry friend back home, Michael made a promise to his wife that he would not give up on the search. He kept a close eye on the shelter’s website, hoping for any updates on Sam’s whereabouts. His persistence never wavered.

Michael’s family moved to Kentucky, but he never gave up hope that his dog Sam was alive and well. He visited their old house in Georgia frequently, hoping to find Sam there. However, after almost five years of searching, Michael had no luck finding his beloved pet. One day, out of the blue, Michael received a call from City Dogs Cleveland informing him that they had found Sam. At first, Michael couldn’t believe it was the same dog he had been searching for all those years. The surprising part was that Sam was found in Ohio, which was on the way to Michigan.

I once inquired, “Could you paint a picture of him for me?” and followed up with “Where are you located and when can I come get him?” when the response was “He’s a pooch with lighter fur.”
Sam had undergone a medical exam at the shelter and was found to have a microchip that led them to the Joys.
However, Michael received a call from City Dogs Cleveland one day. Instantly, he made an eight-hour trip to Ohio, hoping that Sam would still recognize him. Throughout the years, Michael and Sam had gone through some significant changes.

According to a tweet from Cleveland’s City Dogs on April 15, 2021, it seems that Michael will be keeping a close eye on Sam from now on.

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