“The Internet’s Beloved Pup: Meet the 4-legged Star with a Huge Following and No Forever Home”

An intriguing incident occurred on a subway in Istanbul when an unusual passenger boarded the train without much attention from the other commuters. This caught the attention of one curious individual named Amir who decided to investigate further. Due to his car being in the repair shop, Amir had no choice but to take the subway to work, which was not part of his usual daily routine. Little did he know, this commute would turn out to be quite an unexpected experience for him.

On Instagram, under the handle boji_ist, a user shared an intriguing experience while boarding the subway. As he was entering the train, something unusual caught his attention: a peculiar passenger that seemed to go unnoticed by everyone else. It was a big, yellow dog patiently waiting on the platform. To his surprise, when the subway arrived, the dog joined the rest of the commuters and boarded the train as well. Although he searched for it during the ride, Amir didn’t spot the furry traveler again until he reached his destination.

Boji_ist on Instagram
After getting off the subway and heading to work, Amir couldn’t shake off thoughts of the dog he had seen on the train the day before. He didn’t expect to see the furry friend again, but surprisingly, the dog was back on the subway platform the next day, waiting for the train just like everyone else. This pattern continued for a few days, with the dog receiving minimal attention from commuters except for one tragic incident. Due to a pushy passenger, the dog was unable to board the subway, which left him visibly upset. Unfortunately, before Amir could come to his aid, the train had already departed from the station.

On his Instagram account, boji_ist shared a story about his growing concern for a dog he had seen around. He decided to take action and brought some tasty food with him the next day to try and find the dog. He found it and fed it the treats, but he still couldn’t shake off his worries about the dog’s wellbeing. Eventually, he reached out to a shelter for help. They joined forces and placed a tracker on the dog to discover its daily activities. The outcome of their investigation piqued their curiosity even more.

On Instagram, you can find a charming dog named boji_ist who takes a daily stroll around the city before making his way back to the subway in the evening. Boji seems to have a destination in mind as he confidently travels through the streets, but one thing is apparent – he always travels alone.

One day, people assumed that Boji was a stray and decided to take him to the vet for a check-up. They soon discovered that Boji was once someone’s pet but had since become a wanderer who enjoys visiting his friends and fans throughout the city. It turns out that Boji has even gained a bit of celebrity status!

Boji, known as @boji_ist on Instagram, has gained a massive fanbase on social media thanks to his adventurous spirit and charming personality. Despite not having an owner, Boji has captured the hearts of many who have been feeding and caring for him along his journeys. It’s not uncommon for this smart canine to travel up to 20 miles a day using public transportation, including ferries. Although it’s unclear how Boji ended up as a stray, he has proven to be self-sufficient and resourceful with the aid of his community and over 118,000 Instagram followers.

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