“The Resilient Pooch: A Four-Legged Hero Who Overcame Adversity and Inspired Hope”

Upon discovering Chi, she was found with severe injuries to all four of her legs and had been left in a dumpster. Despite her traumatic start to life, Chi, a golden retriever, has shown remarkable strength and resilience, and has since become a therapy dog. In fact, she was even named a 2018 American Hero Dog by American Humane. The story of Chi’s life began in 2016 when she was discovered in a pile of rubble with her legs tied up and buried inside a trash can. Fortunately, Pet Rescue and Media Education learned of her situation through the Nabiya Irion Hope Project, an animal rights group based in Korea, who had received information about a canine “ki.lli.ng” farm in the area. After being rescued, Chi was taken to the hospital where she had to have all four of her limbs amputated due to the severity of her injuries. Despite her difficult journey, Chi continues to inspire those around her as she brings joy and comfort to others as a therapy dog.

Chi will need a significant amount of time to recuperate following her surgery. Furthermore, she will be fitted with prosthetic limbs designed specifically for her so that she can learn how to walk again. Elizabeth Howell of Arizona became aware of Chi’s rescue through a video shared by ARME, and they were eager to provide a loving home for the courageous canine.

Howell shared with TODAY that Chi stole his heart. Despite the time that has passed since her injury, Chi was still faced with a challenge when she had to use a prosthetic leg while in Arizona. The difficulty stemmed from the fact that her legs were truncated at different lengths. However, after many adjustments, Chi was able to receive prosthetic legs that not only helped her stand, but also move faster.

According to a statement from American Humane, Howell expressed admiration for Chi Chi’s bravery, perseverance, and never-give-up attitude. Meeting Chi Chi leaves people uplifted and motivated by her strength and selflessness. She shares her love and compassion generously, and her gentle and friendly nature melts people’s hearts. Chi Chi has recovered completely and now works as a therapy dog, visiting assisted living facilities like nursing homes and veteran centers and providing support to amputees. Following the announcement of Chi Chi being named Hero Dog, Howell expressed gratitude that Chi Chi continues to inspire people with her love and determination to overcome adversity.

Chi Chi left an unforgettable impact on people’s lives wherever she went, serving as a role model for determination, empathy, and affection. Unfortunately, in March 2018, Chi Chi was diagnosed with a malignant tumor located in her nasal cavity, which led to her passing in February 2019. Nevertheless, Chi Chi’s remarkable contributions will always be remembered and continue to inspire others. Take a look at the video below to get to know Chi Chi better.

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