The Unbreakable Cat: A Tale of Endurance and Friendship

Meet Reggie, a little kitty who was saved from being euthanized. Despite being only three weeks old, he had already experienced the sorrow of being separated from his mother. Fortunately, a kind dog and cat took him in and made him a part of their family. Today, this cute tuxedo cat has found comfort and love in his new home.


Kelly, also known as @suzie_and_kushi, recently shared an endearing anecdote about a rescue kitten named Reggie. Reggie was on the verge of being put down at a kill shelter in NYC when North Shore Animal League stepped in and requested Kelly to foster him. Under Kelly’s nurturing care, Reggie has flourished and is described as a charming kitten. However, as an only child, Reggie yearned for a maternal figure. Luckily, two cats already living in Kelly’s home welcomed Reggie and showered him with the affection he craved. Gradually, Reggie became an adored member of their household and finally found the companionship he had been missing. This touching account demonstrates that a small act of kindness can transform a life and bring happiness to everyone involved.


Suzie is a charming pooch who simply adores tiny kittens. Every time her owner introduces a new foster kitten, Suzie’s face lights up, and she cozies up to the new adorable arrival with ease. The most recent edition to the feline family, Reggie, was no exception as he too was welcomed with open paws by Suzie. Within no time, Reggie reciprocated the love and warmth that Suzie showered upon him, and the two became inseparable, enjoying each other’s company to the fullest.


Reggie is beaming with pride as he flaunts his beloved partner. He feels ecstatic that he has finally acquired a spacious bed to snuggle up with Suzie and catch up on some much-needed sleep. 😊


Reggie has made a new friend, Kushi, who takes care of him alongside Suzie. Kushi is a one-eyed cat who loves kittens just like Reggie does and assists Kelly in fostering them. She cuddles with Reggie, giving him the comfort he needs by showing him that everything is okay.


Reggie, the adorable kitty, has found a cozy and comfy spot to rest – snuggled up inside his owner’s warm hoodie. This playful cat certainly loves anything that’s soft and plush.


Within a matter of days, Reggie’s fortune turned around for the better. From being on the brink of death, he found himself surrounded by love and support from his foster siblings. Among them, Suzie stood out as she showed exceptional care and concern towards her feline companion, making sure he was out of harm’s way.


Reggie is basking in an overwhelming outpouring of adoration and tenderness!


Have you ever questioned why anyone would intentionally put an innocent kitten in harm’s way? Don’t worry, we can help raise awareness and rescue this precious feline. Allow us to introduce you to Paul Robertson and his cherished companion, Percy the cat – an inseparable pair that will melt your heart. Paul’s job as a truck driver can be isolating during extended trips, which is why he brought Howie into his life a few years ago. However, after Howie’s death in 2017, Paul was left with an immense feeling of loss.

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