The Unbreakable Cat: A Tale of Persistence and Friendship

Let me introduce you to Reggie, the cutest little cat who was saved from being put down. At an early age of three weeks, he was unfortunately taken away from his mom. But thankfully, a loving dog and cat took him in and gave him a new home. Nowadays, this sweet black and white furball is living the life he deserves, receiving love and care in his new family.


Kelly, also known as @suzie_and_kushi, recently shared an emotional story about Reggie, a rescue kitten facing euthanasia at a kill shelter in NYC. Thankfully, North Shore Animal League stepped in and asked Kelly to foster Reggie, who has since flourished under her care and is described as a very affectionate kitten. However, being an only pet, Reggie was missing the presence of a mother figure. Luckily, two resident cats in Kelly’s home quickly took to Reggie and provided him with the love and companionship he needed. Over time, Reggie became a cherished member of their family, proving that a little kindness can go a long way in changing lives and bringing happiness to all involved.


Meet Suzie, a lovable dog with a soft spot for little kittens. Every time her human brings home a new foster kitty, Suzie’s tail wags in excitement and she immediately showers the tiny furball with snuggles and kisses. Among her recent feline friends is Reggie, who was greeted with open arms by Suzie. The little guy felt right at home with her nurturing hugs and cuddles, melting hearts everywhere.



Besides Suzie, Reggie has discovered a new pal who takes care of him. Say hello to Kushi, a one-eyed cat who shares Reggie’s love for kittens and assists Kelly in fostering them. Kushi cuddles with Reggie, providing him with a sense of comfort and security by reassuring him that everything is okay.


Reggie, the adorable kitty, has stumbled upon a cozy and comfy napping spot – snuggled up inside his owner’s snug hoodie. The mischievous cat appears to have a penchant for all things soft and cuddly, as he takes ownership of them in his own playful way.


Within a short span of time, Reggie’s fortunes changed for the better as he went from being on the brink of death to getting showered with affection and care from his foster siblings. Among them, Suzie stood out as she was extra vigilant and took it upon herself to safeguard her feline companion from any potential danger.


Reggie is basking in a huge amount of adoration and care!


Do you ever question why an innocent kitten is being sent to a terrible fate? Don’t worry, we can come together and help save this lovable feline. Allow us to introduce Paul Robertson and his cherished cat Percy – a charming pair that share an unbreakable bond. As a truck driver, Paul loves traveling but it can get lonely during those prolonged trips. Therefore, a couple of years ago, he decided to adopt Howie to keep him company on his journeys. Sadly, Howie passed away in 2017 leaving Paul with a huge void in his life.

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