The Unbreakable Connection of Xeno and Ripley: Ready to Take on Life’s Next Adventure

Xeno and Ripley are two cats who do everything together – they sleep, eat, play, and are even raising their eight kittens as a team. According to Sarah MacLeod, a volunteer at Exploits Valley SPCA, these two felines are like inseparable sisters.

Towards the end of September, a group of young cat moms were brought to the Exploits Valley SPCA. These cats were all under a year old and weighed less than 4 pounds each when they were rescued and brought to the shelter by volunteers from a local rescue group. Now, these co-parenting moms have settled into a spacious room filled with toys and comfortable bedding, and their little family is thriving.

According to the moms, raising a large family is quite a challenge that requires teamwork. MacLeod shared that their kittens needed more time to mature, so they separated them into a separate room and kept an eye on them. Interestingly, both mothers take care of all eight kittens, who often feed from either one of them without any hesitation. The two litters are so intertwined that it’s challenging to tell which kitten belongs to whom, but Xeno and Ripley seem to prefer it that way.

When the momma cats are not busy taking care of their mischievous kittens, you might spot them standing together by the window in their room, eagerly watching out for any potential adopters passing by. According to MacLeod, they love peeking through the glass door to see what’s happening in the hallway and enjoy all the attention they get from people.

Some of the kittens have potential adopters waiting for them, but unfortunately, none of the two mothers have received any applications. The shelter is hoping to find a caring family who will open their hearts and homes to Xeno and Ripley. It’s evident to everyone at the shelter that these cats are deeply connected and ready to share all their love and snuggles with their future forever home.

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