Tiny Kitten Sports Guinea Pig Cone After Leg Surgery

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Finnegan, a delightful ginger kitten also known as Finn, experienced a difficult beginning to his life. However, he was fortunate enough to be rescued from an animal attack by a courageous Good Samaritan who ensured that he was brought to safety. Unfortunately, Finn’s front right leg suffered severe injuries during the attack. Nevertheless, the rescuers took him in and fashioned a temporary splint for him while seeking help from various rescue organizations. Caroline Grace, the founder of Baby Kitten Rescue, disclosed that they readily accepted Finn into their care when they were informed of his plight.

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A little kitten named Finn was saved by the people at babykittenrescue, but unfortunately, he had a broken leg. They took him to an animal hospital where they found out that his humerus bone had been split in two. The very next day, Dr. Jacobo from Primary Care Animal Hospital performed an emergency surgery to fix Finn’s leg. Even though Finn was only 3.5 weeks old and weighed only 0.6 pounds, Dr. Jacobo managed to operate on him successfully and put his broken leg back together using pins.

ginger tabby kitten finn

After the surgery, Finn had an external fixator that kept the pins in place. However, the pins were only temporary and will be removed once he has fully recovered. The day after he was discharged from the hospital, Finn was already on his feet and even tried playing. It was astonishing for his rescuers to witness how strong and resilient he was during the healing process. Finn recovered smoothly and within a week started using his leg again.

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After undergoing a leg repair surgery, Finn returned home with a small cone. Despite his size, Finn exudes a strong personality, always keeping a positive outlook on life and never letting anything get in the way of having a good time. During a visit to the vet, they found out that Finn’s cone was too big for him. As a result, they began exploring different options to find the perfect fit for Finn.

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After realizing that the new cone was too large for Finn, the folks at babykittenrescue began searching for other options. They experimented with various cat cones of different sizes until they found the smallest one that would fit Finn comfortably. Although the cone was almost as large as Finn himself, he didn’t seem to mind at all. He went about his usual playtime activities and even used the cone as a makeshift pillow when he took a nap. Even when they tried out larger or unwieldy cones, Finn remained unfazed and adapted to each one without complaint.

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@babykittenrescue shared their experience of finding the right cone for a tiny kitten. Initially, they had trouble finding a cone that would fit the little one’s size. Although the hospital made a custom-made cone for the kitten, the cone they made during the recheck was too big. After conducting thorough research, they finally found the perfect solution- guinea pig cones, which turned out to be a perfect fit for the tiny kitten.

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Babykittenrescue discovered guinea pig cones that fit their pet perfectly. When they put on the Elizabethan collar, the furry friend immediately began playing with youthful energy, rolling around on Caroline’s lap and even trying to lend a paw with her phone.

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When Finn tried to play with Caroline’s phone, she shared how nothing has been able to stop him from being a happy and playful kitten. Despite the challenges he has faced, including pins in his leg and having to wear a cone, Finn remains the sweetest and most joyful ginger boy. According to Caroline, he is always brimming with life and happiness, and refuses to let anything hold him back.

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Finn is seen in a delightful image wearing his cone at the Baby Kitten Rescue. He seems to have taken a liking to Chester, the resident cat, and loves to play with him all day. Finn is quite energetic and does not seem to tire easily as he plays around. As he was healthy and robust enough to socialize, he was introduced to another foster kitten named Frankie for supervised playtime together.

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@babykittenrescue shared a heartwarming story about Frankie, a cat who was discovered with paralyzed back legs. Despite his condition, Frankie was given another opportunity and now he can do most things that other cats can do. Finn, another feline, was smaller than Frankie, but he displayed courage and curiosity when they first met. Finn trailed Frankie throughout the house and even demonstrated his toy-playing skills to him.

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Finn and Frankie are two adorable kittens that are being rescued by Baby Kitten Rescue. Observing them as they get to know each other and slowly begin to bond is an absolute delight. Finn, despite being small enough to require guinea pig cones, has a resilient spirit and a bold belief in himself that is truly inspiring.

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