Transformed into a Foster Hero: The Inspiring Story of a Blind and Deaf Dog

Sherio has had his fair share of difficulties in life, yet he continues to exhibit an amiable and empathetic disposition. He acknowledges the apprehension and ambiguity that arise from becoming a foster animal in a fresh environment. This is why Sherio has evolved into an indispensable source of solace and protection for other animals that require assistance. Despite his previous hardships, Sherio now revels in the comfort and affection of a welcoming abode where he can provide a safe haven for others to feel nurtured and cherished.

Sherio is a cute little buddy who has faced several challenges in his journey to find a forever home. Despite being deaf and partially blind, he has not given up on his search for a loving family. He has moved from one shelter to another and has lived with twelve foster families, all in the hope of finding a permanent home. Sadly, Sherio’s adoption story is a bit of a rollercoaster ride as he has been adopted four times, but unfortunately, each time he was returned.

Eventually, he stumbled upon Sheryl Smith who embraced him despite his disabilities. Prior to meeting Sherio, Smith had been actively involved in caring for animals in need. Upon their encounter, she knew that she wanted to take him in and give him a forever home.

Sherio is thrilled that he has discovered a family who loves him unconditionally. Since Smith took him in, Sherio has dedicated himself to spreading joy and optimism. He helps Smith with the care and nurturing of all the animals they take under their wing in order to achieve this goal.

Sherio’s exceptional qualities are evident as he goes the extra mile in making sure that the defenseless creatures he meets are safe and appreciated. He lavishes them with love through affectionate licks and kisses, and his ultimate goal is to offer them emotional sustenance.

During a chat with the Dodo, Smith recounted a heartwarming tale of how he came to rescue a pregnant dog named Sherio, who was unable to care for her puppies. Following her rescue, Sherio displayed remarkable tenderness and affection by snuggling up with her little ones and cleaning them up. This compassionate behavior has continued ever since, with Sherio showing the same level of nurturing care to every other animal that Smith saves and brings to his shelter. Even feral cats and kittens are no match for Sherio’s patience and gentle nature, as he sits beside them and forms such a strong bond that they trust him even before they trust Smith.

The reason why Sherio is extremely caring towards the animals he takes in is because he knows how it feels to be in their position. Having gone through multiple instances of separation anxiety himself, Sherio now has a permanent home but the memories of his past continue to linger on.

Smith shared with the Dodo that her little one becomes upset and weeps while riding in the car because he is anxious about being left at an unfamiliar place. Nevertheless, Smith and her loved ones are implementing strategies to bolster his self-assurance.

Sherio has been a great help to many animals in need. Recently, Smith took in a wild kitten called Tiny Tolley who needed a lot of help.

Smith came to the rescue of a tiny and weak kitten that was struggling to survive. Without Smith’s assistance, the kitten would not have been able to make it through. Smith took great care of the kitten, providing her with the necessary nursing care to recover her energy and health. Throughout the process, Sherio remained a faithful companion and watched over the kitten while Smith nursed her back to full health.

Tiny Tolley was fearless as he began exploring the different areas of the house. He expressed his affection by giving sloppy puppy kisses, and his loving gestures were always appreciated, even if the kisses were not necessarily desired.

Sherio has managed to transform his negative experiences from the past into something positive in his current life. Despite struggling with anxiety, he channels his love and empathy towards animals, bringing joy and betterment to every creature he comes across. We are incredibly proud of Sherio and delighted that he has found a caring family who will always remind him of his worth, safety, and loving place in their home.

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