Unexpected Haven: The Calming Story of a Cat and Her Kittens Finding Refuge in a Laundry Basket

While cleaning out a vacant home, someone stumbled upon a cat and her four kittens in a laundry basket in the basement. The Alliance for Responsible Pet Ownership (ARPO), an animal rescue group based in Indiana, was notified and Lori White, one of their volunteers, was called to assist with the feline family of five.

As soon as the hired cleaner ventured into the basement, she came across a heart-wrenching scene. A cat and her litter were stranded in a laundry basket with no supplies, including food and water, to sustain them. Shocked and concerned, the Good Samaritan immediately notified Lori, who later shared the story with Love Meow. Since the house was inaccessible due to a lockbox, it was impossible to determine how long the feline family had been left in such dire circumstances.

After realizing that the cat required assistance and a secure haven to raise her litter, the person who discovered them took immediate action. They picked up the feline and transported her and her kittens to their home to provide enough food for the mother and find a rescue organization that could accommodate them. The tabby cat was quite undernourished and starving, but she was overjoyed to finally have access to sustenance and a tidy habitat. She hungrily devoured all the food that could fit into her stomach before inspecting the temporary space where she would be taking care of her four demanding offspring.

The kittens found by the kind-hearted person were in excellent condition – tidy and strong – which indicated that their mother had been looking after them well. The finder contacted their local shelter, and luckily, ARPO came forward to save the day. “The woman brought them to me, and I’m grateful that she did the right thing by helping them and ensuring their safety,” expressed Lori to Love Meow.

Upon arrival, the friendly tabby cat wasted no time in exploring her new surroundings. When snack time came around, she called out to her kittens who quickly joined her, filling the room with the soothing sounds of purring and suckling. Lori was delighted when she realized that all four kittens were bright orange females. She decided to give them names inspired by the beloved TV show, The Golden Girls, calling them Rose, Sophia, Dorothy, Blanche, and Goldie (after the mother cat). Lori also noted that having four female ginger cats is quite uncommon, as only about 20% of gingers are female, making this little feline family even more special.

Goldie, the mother cat, does not have any microchip and nobody has come forward to claim her. However, the family of five is doing well and will never experience hunger again. The four kittens are very playful and love to cause mischief. Dorothy is a friendly kitten who enjoys asking for cuddles from her human companions.

The little ones are full of energy and curiosity, always exploring their surroundings and getting into mischief that keeps their mother on high alert.
Goldie is an exceptional caregiver, providing tender care and attention to her offspring’s every need.

At the age of five weeks, the little kittens are still nursing on their mother whenever they get a chance. It’s adorable to watch how Goldie, their mom, takes care of them and keeps them super clean. Their bellies are so round and cute! Goldie is overjoyed to have a cozy home and loving people to assist in taking care of her precious four kittens.

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