Unexpected Visit from a Playful Lynx Family on Alaskan Man’s Deck – An Enchanting Wildlife Encounter

When Tim Newton from Alaska got up from his bed, he heard some noise on his deck. He decided to take a look outside the window and saw a lynx kitten that was watching his playful kittens running around in the backyard.

The photographer was thrilled when he stumbled upon a group of lynx, including seven adorable kittens and their mother. Without hesitation, he grabbed his camera equipment to capture the moment. These native Alaskan cats can reach lengths of 2-3 feet and weigh anywhere from 15-30 pounds when fully grown. Due to their timid nature, it’s quite rare for them to casually hang out near humans on a deck. Therefore, the photographer considered himself fortunate to have witnessed these creatures play in such close proximity.

During an interview with The Dodo, he recounted an early morning incident where he was awoken by unusual sounds. As he emerged from his sleep, he was perplexed by the noise and decided to investigate. Putting on his bathrobe, he slowly opened the curtain and was surprised to find a cute lynx kitten staring back at him only two feet away. The kitten was observing his siblings playing and running around on the deck. He quickly snapped some pictures of the adorable lynx kitten, feeling lucky and grateful for the opportunity to witness such a beautiful moment.

As soon as we laid our eyes on the pictures, we were amazed by their beauty. It seemed like a lot of people shared our sentiment as the images of the lynx family went viral. If you want to learn more about the wildlife in our area, check out Tim’s website, Rugged Alaska, and his Facebook page, Tim Newton Photography. He has captured some incredible shots of not just lynx but other animals living in their natural habitat.

Tim had snapped many pictures and surprisingly, the lynx remained undisturbed, except for a curious kitten that came closer to investigate. Tim made a mistake and pulled back the camera slightly to say “aww” to the kitten, but it resulted in a look of terror on the little one’s face. The kitten ran away, but the others didn’t seem to notice.

After 40 minutes of the session, the mother cat guided her adorable kittens back to the woods. I couldn’t help but comment on how cute and lovely they were. Sharing these wonderful pictures with your loved ones would be a great idea!

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