Unexplored Gems: 10 Day Trip Destinations You Haven’t Heard Of Yet

Explore 10 amazing places that may require some extra effort to reach, but promise a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. These destinations aren’t easily accessible for a day trip, but their unique beauty and charm make them well worth the journey.

1. Church on a Rock.

Back in the Seventh Century, a group of monks constructed a monastery atop a stunning natural stone pillar located in Chiatura, Georgia. The Stylites, an ancient Christian sect, used to occupy this space as a means of demonstrating their devotion. Though this group has since vanished, the monastery remains intact, and tourists can venture to the top via a daunting 130-foot ladder. It’s safe to say that if you had to attend church here, punctuality would be a real issue.

2. Moving on to Isola di Loreto…

When exploring Northern Italy, many tourists opt for Lake Como, but there’s a hidden gem in Lake Iseo waiting to be discovered. On this lake lies the charming Loreto island, which boasts a stunning neo-gothic castle dating back to 900 AD. However, reaching the island can be a challenge as it is privately owned and inaccessible to visitors. Even George Clooney attempted to purchase it, but the owners remained firm in their decision. Moving on to another location altogether, we have Ball’s Pyramid.

Ball’s Pyramid, located off the coast of Australia, is renowned for being the tallest seastack in the world. This natural wonder was formed from a volcanic eruption that occurred approximately 7 million years ago. However, what makes Ball’s Pyramid even more intriguing is the fact that it is surrounded by sharks. Recently, Australian researchers scaled the vertical rock face of the seastack and rediscovered a giant stick insect, previously believed to be extinct. This rare discovery has sparked interest in the island’s biodiversity.

Another fascinating natural attraction is The Narrows.

I discovered some fantastic directions to a hidden gem in Texas near Spicewood, situated on the upper south side of Lake Travis. To get there from Austin, simply take Texas 71 and turn north onto Spur 191. After around one mile, you’ll reach Spicewood. From there, continue heading north for 1.1 miles on Burnet County Road 410 until you reach CR 411, which is a gravel road. Take this route for approximately 1.5 miles until you arrive at the entrance for the Narrows Recreation Area.

Hey, have you seen this picture of a massive cheesecake with Oreos on top? Well, not really. It’s actually a picture of a deep canyon that overlooks sub-glacial lakes and a volcano in South-East Iceland. This particular volcano has the highest eruption frequency in all of Iceland – you might remember when flights were cancelled due to its eruption one summer. It’s incredibly beautiful, but visiting might be quite challenging. Moving on to another stunning sight, have you heard about the Moon Bridge Temple in China?

Well, I must admit that I’m not entirely sure where this stunning location is located, other than it being somewhere in China. Despite its name, Moon Bridge Temple, which seems to have been given by internet users on Tumblr and Pinterest, it’s hard to identify its actual name. Consequently, it seems challenging to reach this incredible site. Can anyone provide more information about this place?

Moving on to another breathtaking location, let’s talk about Phuktal Gompa, situated in India.

In the early 12th century, an extraordinary monastery was erected into the cliffside resembling a honeycomb. This one-of-a-kind building is home to nearly 70 monks and boasts a prayer room and library. Travelers seeking to visit this remarkable site must embark on a five-day journey through the Zanskar valley with guides and porters.
On another note, Cancun is famous for its underground rivers that can be explored by tourists.

The Yucatan peninsula is home to a vast cave system that lies deep beneath its surface. Typically, only skilled divers can undertake the challenges of exploring these caves. However, at Xcaret ecological park, you can discover the mysterious underwater world with a guide and snorkel in the 5 feet deep underground rivers. This experience is a unique opportunity to witness the beauty and wonder of this hidden world.

This next destination on the list might be a bit of a challenge to visit, unless my readers from Eastern Europe can provide some insight. It’s a mysterious carnival in Romania that’s difficult to pinpoint. Moving on, number 10 is the Ebenalp Hut in Switzerland.

Nestled in the breathtaking Swiss Alps, stands a charming mountain hut named Ebenalp. Once you step foot into the region of Appenzell, they say time rewinds ten years. This rustic hut is built right into a cliff, at an altitude of approximately 5,000 feet below a lofty mountain peak. Originally, Ebenalp served as a modest shelter for farmers, goats, and cows, but with time, it transformed into a guest house catering to pilgrims seeking spiritual guidance from the monks. However, the hermit monks have been long gone, and nowadays, the hut extends a warm welcome to touring hikers. It provides affordable dorm beds and serves piping hot, flavorsome plates of Rösti, Switzerland’s mouth-watering cheesy hashbrowns. An ageing couple and their five children operate it, and the guest book dates back to 1940.

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