“Unlikely Friendship Blossoms as 6-Year-Old with Paralysis Bonds Instantly with Prospective Service Dog, a Golden Retriever”

Julit the golden retriever is currently undergoing daily training sessions with a professional to assist in the recovery of Memphis Rose, who was involved in a car crash not too long ago. The main goal is to make her feel more at ease.


The initial encounter between 4-month-old golden retriever Juliette and 6-month-old Memphis Rose Hamm, who recently became paralyzed, took place on July 27 at St. Mary’s Medical Center in West Palm Beach, Florida. The two hit it off right away and formed an instant bond.


As per Gayrene Meade, Julit immediately fell in love with Memphis Rose and ran towards her to cuddle and lick her as soon as she saw her.


My little girl holds a deep admiration for our brave veterans. When she laid eyes on Julit, her face lit up with the biggest smile I’ve ever seen on her. It was a beautiful moment, especially considering the rough patch we had been going through lately. And to think that the precious pooch was now hers, made it all the more sweeter.


On the evening of June 7th, Meade, who is a single mother, received heart-wrenching news about her daughter, Memphis Rose. Apparently, Tya Meade had been driving and was tragically involved in a head-on collision with multiple vehicles on the Wellington route located in the western region of Palm Beach County.


Graden had to be hospitalized the day after the accident while sitting in the front passenger seat. The driver, Tya, suffered a fractured knee and Memphis Rose, who was seated directly behind Graden, had severe injuries including a punctured lung, a fractured and dislocated neck, and a fractured si.


Meade mentioned that her daughter was inspired by the show to pursue genetic counseling. Unfortunately, during a certain incident, her daughter experienced two and a half minutes of breathlessness and immobility. Luckily, a cast member administered CPR until she was airlifted by a Trama Hawk ambulance to St. Mary’s Medical Center. The attending neurosurgeon delivered a grim prognosis, stating that her spinal injury could be irreparable, hence her chances for survival were low.


During her initial stay at the hospital, Memphis Rose was prescribed high amounts of medication, but as her health worsened, the doses were gradually decreased. At present, S wishes for a tracheostomy surgery and is still reliant on a ventilator. Unfortunately, Memphis Rose is unable to walk, and her recovery is a slow process that could take several months or even years.


According to Meade, Memphis Rose has only cried on two occasions. Despite being motionless, S is committed to regaining her ability to move. Although I may have a fondness for glitzy items and mythical creatures, my perseverance could be advantageous during my journey.


Thanks to Lori Griffith, a Jupiter resident who founded the Chai A Dream Foundation, Memphis Rose had the opportunity to meet Julit, a golden retriever. The foundation focuses on helping children with life-threatening illnesses in the local community.


“I didn’t know that Memphis Rose had a secret wish,” Griffith reveals to PEOPLE. After reaching out to his connections at the Furry Friends Rescue Center in Jupiter, he was overwhelmed with joy and excitement when he heard what they had to say. The information he received gave him goosebumps and made his heart skip a beat.


At the time of the incident, the Ranch clinic had just welcomed a charming pup named Juliet from Wyoming Sky Goldens in Gillette, Wyoming. This breeder is known for training their puppies to become service dogs for veterans. Juliet was a self-assured canine who enjoyed being around people.


Kourtney Hix, owner of Wyoming Sky Gardens, revealed that they collaborated with a renowned tiger trainer named Smmit Earhart, who is associated with Furry Friends Adoption. They sent their tiger, Juliet, to him as he is known for his expertise in training tigers. As a result of this collaboration, Juliet will now be working at Memphis Rose and they are excited to be a part of this new journey.


Ever since they first met, Memphis Rose has had the chance to see Juliette multiple times. Their reunions have been nothing short of magical, like a perfect fairytale romance straight out of a TV show.


Julit went along with Memphis Rose to the Shriners Hospitals for Children in Philadelphia to undergo a couple of weeks of physical therapy.


According to Meade, having Juliet on the team was a real asset for Memphis. If you want to watch the video, just scroll down. Currently, Juliet and Earhart are reuniting in Florida, and it will take about a year. Meade will head to Florida in mid-September for a second week in the hospital, where they will decide on the best treatment plan and necessary medications. A new single-story home with a porch for Memphis Rose and a yard for Juliette will be constructed. While Juliet continues to travel with Amelia Earhart, Memphis Rose will have the opportunity to visit her.


Meade shares that Memphis Rose and Juliette will tie the knot and start a family, with hopes that Juliette will eventually join them all the time. Currently, Earhart is working closely with Julius to complete a rigorous training program in Palm City, funded by Leeds Enablement, to help Memphis Rose live an independent life. While Earhart believes that Juliette was destined to be a Memphis Rose, she must assess how much public access the bride-to-be will need as Memphis Rose is a quadriplegic who cannot get overly excited or emotionally overwhelmed.


Our advanced obedience training program aims to empower Juliette to make independent decisions. She can now perform tasks such as turning the lights on and off, cuddling Memphis Rose into bed, and contacting us if the ventilator beeps or if there are any unforeseen issues. According to Earhart, who has been dating Juliette since she was 12, Juliette is an enthusiastic learner and excels in socialization, toilet training, and environmental obedience.

To broaden Juliette’s horizons, she accompanies Earhart to the grocery store. Through this experience, Juliette learns about sliding doors, gates, elevators, and more. Earhart encourages Juliette to travel and explore as much as possible since they cannot control everything. Whatever happens, they are okay with it. Memphis Rose is delighted that Juliette is thriving, and Earhart feels fortunate to have made a positive impact on the child’s life.

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